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20 Year 


Hampton, Virginia 






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1969 through 1989 




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This book is dedicated to: 

Virginia Rollings, Instructor of Geneology (1969) at Thomas 
Nelson Community College, and to the members of her original 
class of 1969. 

Virginia Barger 

Myrtle Brizendine 

Catherine Dycus 

Robert Greene 

Judi Munday 

Jane Nottingham 

Jon Sellin 

Irene White 

Bruce Whitten 


Greatful acknowledgment is hereby expressed to all who have 
contributed to this book: 

Charlotte Brown - Quarterly 

Roger: Lamison - By-Laws 

James Mero - Projects 

Mary Mesic - Membership 

Kathryn Anne Smith - 20 Year History 

Carolyn Vassos - Membership 

David S. Vohringer Jr. - Coordinator 

Martie Lou Vohringer - Historian 



Immediate Past President 

Vice President 


Recording Secretary 

Samuel L. Jones 
Bettye Overby 
Elinor Antis 
James C. Sivells 
Cheryl Fales 


Corresponding Secretary 


Editor (Quarterly) 




Special Projects 



Trip Coordinator 


Pauline Sivells 

Charlotte Brown 

Franklin Farmer, PhD 

Charla Compton 

Barbara Senecal 

Lee Culler 

James Mero 

William B. Hankins, Jr, 

Mary Mesic 

Virginia Junkins 

Martie L. Vohringer 


Virginia Rollings 
Hugh S. Watson, Jr. 
John L. Patterson 
Charles A. Nicholson 
Franklin Farmer, PhD 


Mr. Arthur Anderson 

Mrs. John S. Anderson 

Mrs. R. R. Apperson 

Mrs. R. V. Barger 

Miss Jeanette E. Blevins 

Miss Kay Blevins 

Mrs. R. R. Brizendine 

Mrs. Robert M. Brown 

Mrs. Horace C. Cross 

Miss Catherine Dycus 

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Emmerson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Eubank, Jr. 

Mrs. Carroll T. Forrest 

Mr. Robert F. Greene, Jr. 

Mrs. G. K. Garrison 

Miss Julia M. Goodwin 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Harrison, 

Mrs. Kathleen P. Haynie 

Mr. E. S. Ketchum, Sr. 


Mrs. Doris Linkous 

Mrs. E. W. Martineau 

Mrs. L. V. Morris 

Mrs. John C. Munday, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert M. Norris 

Mrs. P. Page Nottingham 

Mrs. Grayson W. Palmore 

Mrs. Madeline R. Parker 

Mrs. William L. Riley 

Mrs. Virginia Rollings 

Capt . Jon B. Sellin 

Mrs. Walter P. Smith 

Mrs. E. E. Smola 

Col. and Mrs. Nathaniel P 

Mr. Charles W. Watson, Jr 

Mr. Daniel Weatbrook 

Mrs. Max White 

Mrs. Harold Williams 

Mr. Raymond H. Womble 



Mr. Hugh S. Watson, Jr. 


Virginia Rollings 1969 - 1977 

Dr. Franklin Farmer 1978 - 1983 

Betty Overby 1984 - 1986 

Samuel L. Jones 198 6 

The Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical Society 
of Tidewater Virginia 

A Twenty Year History 

by Kathryn Anne Smith 


"We do not want to lose our association with each other" was 
the expression of the first genealogical class on the Virginia 
Peninsula. Thus the Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical Society of 
Tidewater Virginia was born. 

The class, beginning in October 1969, was sponsored by the 
Continuing Education Department of Thomas Nelson Community 
College and was taught by Mrs. Virginia Rollings. Richard 0. 
Hanson, Head of Continuing Education, Mrs. Jo Hovarth, his 
assistant, and Dr. Gerald Cannon, President of the college had 
decided in September 1969 to add a genealogy class to the curric- 
ulum. The first class had only nine students. They were: Mrs. 
Virginia Barger, Mrs. Myrtle Brizendine, Miss Catherine Dycus, 
Mr. Robert Greene, Mrs. Judi Munday, Mrs. June Nottingham, Mrs. 
Irene White, Capt . Jon Sellin and Mr. Bruce Whitten. 

The Society and the College had a close association for many 
years. It was this association that helped the Society grow 
during its formative years. The College has provided the Presi- 
dent's Board Room for meetings of the Society's Executive Board 
for 20 years. The College Library gave space as requested for 
the books, publications and tapes which the Society acquired. 
For many years the assembly hall was also provided as a meeting 
place for general meetings. 

Near the end of the term the class expressed a desire to 
maintain contact with each other and with the teacher. They 
asked the instructor, Mrs. Virginia Rollings, to draft a charter 
for a genealogical society. A proposed first set of bylaws or 
"charter" was written by Mrs. Rollings and presented to the class 
at the last meeting in December 1969. The class asked Mrs. 
Rollings to be president of the new organization. In return, each 
member agreed to accept an office or chairmanship in accord with 
the by-laws. Bruce Whitten was unable to accept a post since he 
was moving away from the area. The first Executive Committee 
appointed that evening was as follows: 

President Virginia Rollings of Hampton, 

Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. R.R. "Myrtle" Brizendine 

of Hampton 
Dept. of Colonial Virginia Mrs. Richard Barger "Virginia" of 
Research Newport News 

Mrs. P.P. Nottingham "June" 

of Carrollton 
Dept . of Southern Colonial Miss Catherine Dycus of Hampton 

Dept. of English and Capt . Jon B. Sellin 
Northern European Research 

Dept. of Midwestern U.S. Robert F. Greene, Jr. 
Research of Hampton 

Dept. of Northeastern U.S. Mrs. D.L. "Irene" White 
Research of Hampton 

Dept. of Basic Instruction Mrs. John C. "Judi" Munday 

of Newport News 

A general meeting was announced to the community and after 
arrangements with college administrators, the meeting was held on 
Tuesday. January 13, 1970 at Thomas. Nelson Community College. 
Over fifty people attended this first meeting. The first by-laws 
were reviewed for the January assembly and the name of the socie- 
ty was discussed. Those people who joined the Society that night 
were considered "Charter Members". 

The original name of the new organization was the Peninsula 
Genealogical Society. However, it was decided to honor Hugh S. 
Watson, Jr. by adding his name to the title. Mr. Watson had 
been the author of a weekly genealogical column since 1935, first 
for the Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg and later for the Daily 
Press-Times Herald in Newport News. The organization adopted the 
name: " The Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical Society of the 
Virginia Peninsula". Mr. Watson was introduced and he accepted 
the title as an honor for which he expressed appreciation. He 
asked that members be careful to document their work and said he 
would like them to submit lineages for his column. 

Meetings of the Society were to be held six times a year, on 
the third Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and 

The educational objectives of the organization were planned 
to be met through a thirty minute instructional program at each 
meeting. The departments were designed to allow for smaller 
meetings under the direction of the chairmen of the special 
interest groups. 

In order to implement and strengthen the new organization, 
the by-laws gave the president the power to select executive 
committee members. The President, who was the only elected offi- 
cer, was elected to serve a term of two years. However, all 
selections, programs , instructions and departmental projects 
and all names of officers and chairmen were required to be 
presented to the executive committee for discussion and approval 
or rejection. Thus, no officer was authorized to proceed with 
planned actions until these were ratified in the executive com- 
mittee . 

The first by-laws stipulated three membership requirements: 
an initial fee of $5.00, attendance at meetings, and a willing- 
ness to share genealogical information. Members were invited to 
submit documented family histories for indexing and filing so 
that information could be shared. 

At the February 1970 meeting of the Executive Board the 
president explained the organization and projects of the Society. 
In the summary of the first general meeting it was stated that 
there were approximately fifty persons in attendance. The Treas- 
urer, Mrs. Brizendine, reported a balance of $130.00 in the 
treasury. The board authorized the President to invite experi- 
enced genealogists and others to speak at the general meetings. 
It was decided that the Executive Board would meet on the second 
Tuesday of the month following general meetings. It was moved 
that in the absence of the president, department chairmen, in the 
order listed in the by-laws, would preside over meetings. The 
second general meeting of the Society was held March 17, 1970 at 
the college. Mrs. Brizendine reported a membership of 31 with 
$155.00 in the treasury. 

Since the membership included members from other than the 
peninsula, it was decided to change the name of the society to: 
"The Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical Society of Tidewater Vir- 
ginia". Mrs. Jesse Forrest was appointed Librarian for the Socie- 
ty. It was also decided to ask the college for some space in the 
library for a small collection of books, pamphlets, etc., which 
members were willing to donate. This was immediately granted and 
the Society records have since remained in the Thomas Nelson 
College Library. 

Following the business meeting, the gathering broke into 
smaller, special interest groups under the direction of the 
Division Chairmen. 

At the general meeting of the Society held on May 17, 1970 
the treasurer reported a membership of 40 people, expenses paid 
were $7.74 with a balance of $192.26 on hand. Mrs. Horace Cross 
of Newport News agreed to collect cemetery records for the Socie- 
ty and to acquire a copy of the Warwick County WPA cemetery 
records on microfilm from the Virginia State Archives. 

The main speaker for the meeting was Mrs. Katherine Edwards, 
Deputy Clerk of Court for Isle of Wight County. She spoke on 
courthouse records and their value to the researcher. Isle of 
Wight records date back to the early 1600' s and once extended all 
the way to the North Carolina line. Other speakers were Mrs. 
Jesse Forrest, who spoke about parish records and their value, 
and Mrs. Horace Cross, who spoke about old cemeteries on the 

In the spring of 1970, the president, Virginia Rollings, and 
Mrs. Robert M. "Charlotte" Brown were invited by WVEC-TV to 
appear on the Dick Lamb Show and speak about the Society and the 


growth of genealogical interest in this area. The publicity 
resulted in several calls to the station and some new members. 

Membership was increasing weekly in the Society and at the 
May meeting Mrs. Brizendine reported 47 members on roll and a 
balance on $216.81 on hand. 

Mr. Charles W. Watson, Jr. was appointed to investigate the 
type and cost of a Bulletin or news letter for the Society. One 
hundred copies were to be made for the first publication. Plans 
were made to have a Bulletin ready for the September meeting. Mr. 
Watson was unable to continue on the committee, so Mrs. Charlotte 
Brown became the editor of the Bulletin. The first issue was 
printed at Hampton Roads Business College with only fifty copies 
made. For the next year or so the Bulletins were printed in the 
office at Hampton Baptist Church through the efforts of Mrs. 
Evelyn B. Cash who was also one of our typists. Later through 
the assistance Mr. R. 0. Hanson Head of the Continuing Education 
Department of Thomas Nelson Community College, the Society was 
able to use the College facilities for printing and copying 
future issues of the Bulletin. Mrs. Rollings asked for assist- 
ance from the membership in preparing genealogical data and 
family histories for this publication. 

Captain Jon B. Sellin resigned as head of the North European 
group, due to his transfer to Texas, and turned in the departmen- 
tal library. Cards listing surnames being researched will be in 
the custody of the Bulletin chairman until further notice. 

The next general meeting was held on July 16, 1970 with the 
emphasis on the adopted goal of preserving cemetery records of 
the area. Mrs. Virginia Barger, Chairman of Southside activi- 
ties, announced that copies of the microfilmed cemetery records 
of the WPA Cemetery Project had been obtained from the Virginia 
State Library by Mrs. Horace Cross and donated to the Society. 
Mrs. Cross also donated the Warwick County film. These films 
were placed in the Society's collections in the College Library. 
Mrs. Barger also announced that she was taking the tombstone 
inscriptions of Old St. Luke's Church in Isle of Wight. Mrs. 
Charlotte Brown reported on plans for the Bulletin in which the 
departments of the Society were to be featured. Members would 
receive the Bulletin with membership dues; non-members were to 
pay $1.00 per copy. Standing committees had not been fully 
determined and had been left an open matter in order for the 
Society to grow as needed. Mrs. Rollings asked now for permis- 
sion to appoint a publicity chairman. Mrs. Rollings made a 
report on the Genealogical Convention sponsored by Brigham Young 
University in Provo, Utah, which she attended in August, 1970. 
Speaker for the meeting was Mr. H. R. Gray of Suffolk, who has 
assisted with the collection of over 5,000 inscriptions in the 
Nansemond area. 

At the general meeting of the Society on September. 22, 1970, 
Mrs. Brizendine reported a balance of $216. Mrs. Brown reported 


that the cost of the first 100 copies of the Bulletin was $25.80/ 
plus $.10 each for mailing. Mrs. G.K. Garrison was appointed 
Publicity Chairman. Speaker for the meeting was Mrs. John Mitch- 
ell of the Syms-Eaton Museum in Hampton. She gave a talk on 
military records for Hampton soldiers in the museum and in the 
Hampton Department of Arts and Humanities, which was under the 
direction of Mrs. Sandidge Evans. 

At the October, 1970 meeting of the Executive Board, Mrs. 
Brizendine reported a membership of 50 and a balance of $193.16 
in the treasury. She will have charge of keeping membership re- 
cords. Mrs. Charlotte Brown, Bulletin editor, planned to prepare 
an efficient and workable subscription list, which would separate 
the subscriptions from other areas from local subscribers who 
received Bulletins at meetings. Mrs. Virginia Barger, chairman of 
the Colonial Department, reported she had compiled and indexed 
inscriptions from approximately five hundred tombstones in old 
St. Luke's cemetery in Isle of Wight County. The Society voted 
to publish the St. Luke's records. The assistance of the college 
was again obtained to accomplish this. 

The regular meeting of the Society was held at the Hampton 
Department of Arts and Humanities on Queen St. on Nov. 17, 1970. 
Mr. Joseph Benthall narrated a film strip on archaeological 
findings in the city of Hampton. A tour of exhibits was made 
after the meeting. 

At the January meeting of the Executive Board membership dues 
and Bulletin subscriptions were discussed. Subscriptions to the 
Bulletin increased and Mrs. Brown had 150 copies printed. Mrs. 
Evelyn Cash did extensive typing for the Bulletins without 
charge. Her contribution of time was acknowledged with expres- 
sions of appreciation and a gift from the Society. 


The Society met in the lecture room at Thomas Nelson Communi- 
ty College on January 19, 1971. The president asked for report- 
ers to investigate museum and library records for publication in 
the Bulletin. Mr. Sorrell reported on his work on Hampton Ceme- 
tery records. In accord with original by-laws provisions that a 
need for committee chairmanship would develop, Mrs. Rollings 
asked for a vote of approval for a Program Chairman. She named 
Mrs. Virginia Harris of Portsmouth. Speaker for the meeting was 
Mrs. Virginia Pope Livingston, distinguished professional geneal- 
ogist of Chesterfield County, VA. Her instruction included many 
legal terms of expression used in courthouse records. She also 
explained ways to determine direct lines in localities where the 
same names were frequently found in the records. 

At the February Executive Board meeting plans were discussed 
for a summer workshop. June 19 was selected as a date. Regis- 
tration fees were set at $3.00 for members and $5.00 for non- 

members . 

The next regular meeting was held on March 16. The group 
divided up into special interest groups with individual programs 
led by the Division Chairmen. 

At the April meeting of Executive Board, plans for the next 
Bulletin were discussed. Mr. William Litsey's proposal for the 
Society to adopt as one of its aims, the reproductions of old 
pictures so they can be saved from loss, was met with unanimous 
approval by the board. Further plans were made for the June 
Seminar. Mrs. Colin "Peggy" Govan agreed to assist as Corre- 
sponding Secretary and Miss Catherine Dycus agreed to take care 
of publications for the June Seminar. 

At the general meeting held in May, Mrs. Brown expressed a 
need for volunteer typists to help prepare the Bulletin. Mr. 
Litsey had indexed past copies of the Bulletin. Mr. Litsey 
brought examples to the meeting of old family photographs which 
had been carefully retouched and refinished. He explained that 
members could have this type of work done on family pictures and 
that one of each picture could be retained in a registry which 
would insure the opportunity to retrieve them in the future in 
case of loss. Several members ordered the retouching and preser- 
vation of their pictures. 

The Right Rev. John B. Bentley of Hampton was speaker for the 
evening. He spoke of his project for the past several years of 
copying inscriptions on the tombstones in Old St. John's Church- 
yard in Hampton. He recounted the history of the Church and the 
ancient tombs which were buried under others. 

At the June Executive Board meeting it was announced that the 
Society now had 93 members. Miss Dycus reported receipt of 
brochures, pamphlets and catalogs for the sale and display tables 
for the seminar. Included in the plans for the program for the 
Seminar were the introduction of President Jenkins of the col- 
lege, Mr. Hugh S. Watson, Jr. and the leaders of the special 
interest groups. Films were to be shown about the underground 
storage for records in Utah. 

The first Seminar of the Society was held at the college on 
June 19, 1971. The speaker for the morning session was Mrs. H. 
McGahey of the Baptist Historical Society in Richmond, who spoke 
on Baptist Records in Virginia. In the afternoon Dr. Chester 
Bradley spoke on items of Historical and Genealogical Interest at 
the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe. Following each speaker the 
Seminar divided into special interest groups, listed below with 
the leaders: 

York County - Mrs. J. W. Ironmonger of York Co 

Southside Virginia - Mrs. Harry Dashiell of Smithfield 

Old Elizabeth City County - Mrs. John Mitchell of Hampton 

German Research - Dr. Klaus Wust of Edinburgh, Va 


English Research - Mrs. George Woodgate of Newport News 

Beginners Class - Mrs. Virginia Rollings of Hampton 

At the regular meeting on September 23, Mrs. Brizendine gave 
a report on the successful Seminar held in June. She reported 
that 37 members and 14 non-members registered. Four new members 
joined at the June seminar. Mr. Litsey reported on the progress 
of his work on Kentucky records. He extracted the names of 
Virginia born persons from the death records of several Kentucky 
counties. Mrs. Barger reported on the progress of her work on 
the St. Luke's cemetery records. Mr. Greene resigned as Chairman 
of the Western area. Mrs. Andrew Davis of Ft. Eustis Transpor- 
tation Museum gave four microfilm census records, three of coun- 
ties in Iowa and one county in North Carolina, to the society. 
The evening's speaker Mr. Charles B. Cross, Clerk of Court for 
Chesapeake, spoke on the records in the Chesapeake Courthouse. 
The Society voted to ask local legislators to have the State of 
Virginia provide additional funds for added personnel to work on 
the restoration of old records. 

At the Executive Board meeting in October, it was decided to 
repeat the Seminar in 1972 and the possibility of dinner meetings 
was explored. The Board recommended that annual dues of $5.00 be 
assessed. Also the speakers were to have more of a genealogical 
background than an historical background. 

At the regular meeting of the Society in November, Mr. John 
Covington was introduced as the Program Chairman and Mrs. Roll- 
ings was nominated as President for the coming year (1972) . Mrs. 
Emma Matheny, well-known Virginia genealogist, spoke on the new 
library branch of the Genealogical Society of Utah which is 
located in Richmond, VA. She gave directions for the use of the 
library and told of materials available other than the State 
Library, such as the Virginia Historical Society and the Valen- 
tine Museum, in Richmond. 

In late 1971 the post of Secretary-Treasurer was split into 
two posts. Jesse Forrest became the Secretary and Myrtle Brizen- 
dine continued as the treasurer. 


At the January 11, 1972 Executive Board meeting, it was 
announced that membership had grown to 111. Mr. Litsey gave a 
report on the Kentucky death records that are being compiled. 
These records cover the period from 1852 to 1861. Other members 
were collecting and indexing records, notably Mrs. Jesse Forrest 
- York County Cemeteries, Mrs. Virginia Barger - St. Luke's 
Church, Isle of Wight County, and Bishop John Bentley - St. 
John's Episcopal Church, Hampton. Mrs. Barger read an advertise- 
ment for the Bulletin which was sent to the Genealogical Helper. 


New members and guests were introduced at the general meeting 
of the Society on January 13. It was reported that a laminating 
machine and a Xerox machine at the college were available to the 
Society. Mrs. Gilbert B. Fletcher of Portsmouth, VA, a profes- 
sional genealogist specializing in Tidewater Virginia and N.C. 
records, gave a very informative talk on genealogical records in 
Tidewater Virginia and North Carolina. 

At the Executive Board meeting on February 22, 124 members 
were reported with a balance of $547.15 in the treasury. Plans 
were made for the Seminar to be held at the Thomas Nelson Commu- 
nity College. 

At the March 21 general meeting Mr. Bruce Locke reported on a 
book of Petersburg, Va. records by Hughes & Standefer. The main 
speaker was Dr. Edward Riley, Historian, Director of Research for 
Colonial Williamsburg, who spoke on the Virginia Colonial Records 
Project. This was an ongoing effort to reconstruct the lost 
records of Virginia. 

At the May 16 meeting Dr. J. Will Tankard donated a book The 
Life of Dr. John Tankard , which was about his grandfather, to the 
society. Mrs. George Woodgate was the speaker for the meeting. 
She talked about United Kingdom Research. Due to illness in the 
family, Mrs. Jesse Forrest resigned as Secretary. Mrs. Barbara 
Barnes was appointed to replace her. 

On May 25, two of our leaders appeared on a local television 
program. Mrs. Virginia Rollings and Mr. Hugh Watson appeared on 
the Dick Lamb TV show to promote genealogy, the Society and the 
upcoming genealogy seminar. 

The Society's first Seminar was such a success that a second 
was planned for 1972. The second seminar was held on June 16 and 
17, at Thomas Nelson Community College. The Seminar began on 
Friday evening with a dinner at the Colonial Inn in Newport News. 
The Speaker was David H. Pratt, Professor of Medieval English 
History, Brigham Young University, who spoke on "British Emigra- 
tion to Colonial America." Speakers on Saturday were: 

David H. Pratt who spoke on the "History and Future of Ge- 
nealogy; " 

Mrs. W. Herbert Knowles, a professional genealogist from Rich- 
mond, who spoke on "Research Collections in Richmond Other than 
the Virginia State Library;" 

Dr. Jean Stephenson, of the National Archives, who spoke on 
"Precious Records in the National Archives Which are Never Used." 

At the September 19 general meeting, Mrs. Barbara Barnes gave 
the Society a binder of cemetery records for the Tidewater area 
which she had compiled. They were labeled Cemetery Records of 
Surry Co.. Isle of Wight. Southampton Co.. York Co. . This also 


included a few records from Warwick Co. and Amelia Co. She also 
gave an original bound book Beautiful Thornrose Cemetery (Staun- 
ton, Va.). In lieu of a speaker, the members divided into special 
interest groups led by the Department Chairman. 

Mrs. Horace Cross invited members of the Society to the 
unveiling on October 1972 of two roadside plaques in the Denbigh 
section of Newport News indicating the grave site of Miles Cary. 
Miles Cary was shot by the Dutch in 1667. This was a project 
which was undertaken by Mrs. Cross personally. 

At the November 17 meeting the speaker was again Mrs. Vir- 
ginia Pope Livingston of Chesterfield, Virginia. Robert Greene 
drove to Chesterfield County to provide transportation to the 
meeting to Mrs. Livingston. Virginia Rollings drove her for the 
return trip home. Mrs. Livingston had abstracted all of the 
records of Southampton County and many surrounding counties in 
Virginia. Her lecture included much information about the migra- 
tions of Southside ancestors and the courthouse records available 
in those counties. 


The program at the January 1973 general meeting was a forum. 
The forum consisted of Mrs. Charlotte Brown, Hugh Watson, Jr., 
Mrs. Virginia Rollings and one or two other Society members. 
They answered questions which were submitted by members at the 
beginning of the meeting. This type of program was repeated 
several times during the "early days" of the Society. 

The March 17 meeting was the yearly Seminar. The By-laws 
were revised and accepted by the Society at this meeting. Mrs. 
Brizendine resigned as treasurer in March. She had served in 
this post since the beginning of the Society. The board thanked 
her for her service. Miss Edith Whitley became the new treasur- 
er. The Society had ten copies made of Barbara Barnes cemetery 
records. These were bound and copyrighted by the Society. The 
copies were placed in the Society's library holdings. 

Seminar 1973 had two parts - Speaker Mr. Raymond B. Clark, 
Jr. - Maryland-Delaware Genealogist, and Special Interest Helps. 
Mr. Clark spoke on the Use and Location of Maryland Records and 
on Virginia-Maryland Migrations. The Special Interest areas and 
their leaders were as follows: 

Hampton Library - Mrs. McColeman; 

Hampton Cemeteries - David Routten; 

English Research - Mrs. George Woodgate; 

Mormon Genealogical Branch Library - June Norris; 

Virginia Colonial - Mrs. Richard Barger; 

Kentucky Research -William L. Litsey; 

Use of the Microfilm Reader - Upshur Joyner; 

Warwick Cemeteries - on microfilm; 


York County Research -Vincent Watkins; 

Research Problems -Hugh S. Watson, Jr.; 

DAR Information -Mrs. Upshur Joyner and Mrs. Jane Moore; 

Eastern Shore Records -Raymond B. Clark. 

The 1973 Seminar was held again at Thomas Nelson Community Col- 
lege and was attended by 63 people. Nine new members joined at 
the Seminar. 

In April a white dogwood tree was presented to Thomas Nelson 
Community College as a thank you for all the help that the col- 
lege had given to the Society. The tree was planted in a garden 
on the north side of the Administration Building with a marker at 
the foot of it. 

Speaker for the May 15 meeting was Mrs. Jodi Davis, Curator 
of the Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis. She spoke on Re- 
sources in Old Warwick County - Muster Rolls, Census and Land 
Records. Mrs. Jesse Forrest placed her collection of over 4000 
cemetery inscriptions from York County in the Society's collec- 
tions. These records had taken years to compile; hunters in the 
woods had found graves and school children had assisted by re- 
porting any graves they had seen. Small grave sites were includ- 

The September 18 general meeting was a dinner meeting at the 
Ramada Inn. Although no information is available about the 
program, minutes of the October Executive Board meeting indicate 
that the meeting was enjoyed by all. By September the compila- 
tion of St. John's Cemetery records was complete. They were then 
readied for publication. 

Mr. Richard Myers from the Central Reference Room of the 
National Archives was speaker for the November 13 meeting. He 
spoke on the National Archives and Military Records. 

On November 17, the Society had its first chartered bus trip 
to the National Archives in Washington, DC. Mr. Upshur Joyner 
was chairman for the trip. Since then, the Society has sponsored 
many bus trips - to DC, to Richmond and to Raleigh, NC. 


In January 1974, Mrs. Barbara Barnes become the Chairman of 
Cemetery Records. Mr. James Hassell replaced her as recording 
secretary until September, when Mr. Fred Palmer took over the 
post. Speaker for the January 15 meeting was Mrs. Malcolm 
Gardner, Head of the Records Collection for the DAR in Washing- 
ton, DC, who spoke on the DAR Library and Records. 

At the March 19 meeting a program on the History and Records 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church was presented. 


As a bicentennial project/ the Society began collecting Oral 
Genealogies. This work, was headed by Mrs. Mary Beth Rephlo. 
Society members taped oral genealogies of people over 80 years 
old throughout Tidewater, Virginia. Charles Elliott made many 
tapes of Fox Hills residents as part of this project. Over 65 
tapes were made, and the tapes indexed. A master copy of the 
tapes and a duplicate set were placed in the Thomas Nelson Commu- 
nity College Library. 

The 1974 Seminar was held on May 17 and 18 at Thomas Nelson 
Community College. Fifty-six people attended. The speaker at 
the Friday evening dinner meeting was Professor Alfred Mapp. His 
topic was "Don't Forget Them, Don't Let Them Die." There were 
two speakers on Saturday - 

Mr. Joseph N. Meredith, a reference specialist at the Library 
of Congress, who spoke on "Materials Available at the Library of 
Congress for 18th Century Genealogical Research;" and 

Mr. Willard Heiss of the Indiana Historical Society, who 
spoke on "Quaker Migrations and Genealogical Research of Quaker 
Records of the 18th Century." 

At the evening session of the Seminar, a plaque of the Nelson 
Crest and Coat of Arms, with an engraved brass plate on the 
reverse giving the genealogy of Thomas Nelson, was presented to 
Thomas Nelson Community College. The plaque was a gift of appre- 
ciation to the College for all its support to the Society during 
its formative years. The Crest and Coat of Arms were painted by 
artist Kent Steitenroth. The plaque was accepted by Mr. Richard 
Hanson, Director of Continuing Education at the College, and Mrs. 
Jo Hovarth, his assistant, and was hung in the President's Board 
Room at the College. 

Attendance at the September 17 general meeting set a record. 
Over 80 people were there including a large number of visitors. 
Speaker for the meeting was Mr. Charles A. Williamson of York- 
town, VA, who discussed Oral Genealogy. 

On November 19, Mrs. Bettie Matthews, Community Coordinator 
of the Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission discussed 
plans for the Virginia Bicentennial Celebration. 


In five years the Society had grown to a membership of 115 
with two honorary members. 

The program at the January 21, 1975 meeting was a Genealogy 
Workshop. Members of the Society manned "desks" to help other 
members. Leaders and their topics were: 

Mrs. Virginia Rollings - How to Organize a Family Genealogy; 
Mrs. Peggy Joyner and Dr. Fred Palmer - German Records; 
Mr. William Litsey - How to Read Handwriting of American 



Mrs. Kitty Joyner and Mrs. Murl Estes - DAR Records. 

In February Col. Charles A. Nicholson became the second 
editor of the Bulletin, which was officially renamed Virginia 
Tidewater Genealogy in March. 

In 1975, Society members again became television "stars". On 
February 20 Virginia Rollings and Mary Beth Rephlo appeared on 
the Tidewater AM show on WVEC-TV and discussed the Oral History 
Bicentennial Project. Later that year Mrs. Rollings arranged a 
session for every day during a week with WVEC-TV. The daily 
segments included two or more interviewees each day with Charles 
A. Nicholson and Fred Palmer; Virginia H. Rollings with her 
guest, Mrs. Florence Montgomery; Richard 0. Hansen with Mrs. 
Rollings; Hugh S. Watson and Virginia Rollings. The television 
program participants discussed the acceleration of interest in 
genealogy nationwide and locally, and the upcoming seminar. 

In March, Charlotte Brown became the first Honorary Life 
Member of the Society. The program for the March 18 general 
meeting was a Panel Discussion on Courthouse Records of Tidewater 
Virginia. Panelists were: 

Mrs. Sandidge Evans - Hampton and Elizabeth City Co.; 
Mr. Vincent Watkins - York Co.; 

Mrs. Jodi Davis - Warwick Co. (now Newport News); 
Mrs. M.G. Dashiell - Southside Counties. 

At the May 20 meeting. Dr. Franklin Farmer, a member of our 
Society, spoke on Genealogical Records in Virginia on New England 
Families . 

Seminar -75 was held on September 27 at Thomas Nelson Commu- 
nity College. Its Theme was "Virginia and East Coast States". 
Over 200 people attended. The program had two main speakers: Dr. 
John Insley Coddington, who spoke on Research in the Middle 
Coast States, and Mr. George Smith, who spoke on The Immigration, 
Settlement and Records Maintained by Germans in the USA. The 
program also included eight mini-seminars. 

Mini-Seminars included: Mrs. Emma R. Matheny - Marriage, 
Church and Cemetery Records of Virginia; 

Mrs. Virginia Pope Livingston - Genealogical Research 
in North Carolina; 

Robert Y. Clay - Genealogical Research at the Virginia State 

Dr. Coddington - How to Find Your British Ancestor; 

Lt . Jan Unter - Genealogical Research Material Maintained by 
the Mormon Church; 

Mr. Connis 0. Brown - Virginia Courthouses: the Last Records 

Mr. William L. Litsey - Problems Encountered in Searching 
Legal Documents; 


Mr. Smith - Virginia Valley Settlements and Early Families. 

The outstanding feature of the September meeting was the 
release of the Society's publication of The St. John's Cemetery 
Records , which were compiled by Bishop John B. Bentley and edited 
by Mr. William Litsey. The first copy of the book was presented 
to Bishop Bentley by Mr. Litsey. The second copy was presented 
to Mr. Litsey. 

In November 1975 the by-laws were amended to add the office 
of Vice-President to the Executive Board. The Vice-President was 
to be elected in November for a two year term; duties included 
presiding at meetings in the absence of the President. Mr. Howard 
Ogden was the first Vice-President of the Society. 

Speaker for the November 18 meeting was Dr. Louis H. Manarin 
Virginia State Archivist, whose topic was "Virginia Records 1607 
to 1865." 


The January 20, 1976 meeting had two speakers. Mrs. Catalina 
Slay spoke on Brass Rubbings and Mr. Howard Ogden spoke on 
(1) Genealogical Materials at the Hampton Library and (2) Inter- 
library Loans. 

The March 16 meeting was held at Christopher Newport College. 
Mr. George P. Walls, Jr. spoke on the "Location and Identifica- 
tion of the USS Monitor." 

The Executive Board voted to collect money from the member- 
ship so that the Society could donate a flag to the Thomas Nelson 
Community College Avenue of Flags. The Society hoped to collect 
enough money to donate the Virginia flag. 

In April Mrs. Jesse Forrest, Librarian, announced that due to 
the poor condition of the extracted York County records which she 
had placed in the Society holdings, she removed them from the 
College Library. Due to poor surveillance of Society holdings in 
the College Library and because the copy she had donated to the 
Society was not duplicated and therefore at risk, she had taken 
the York County cemetery records back to her home, wishing to 
retain ownership of its holdings until a new repository was 

In April, the Society was presented with a Certificate of 
Recognition for Volunteer Service by the Voluntary Action Center. 
The Society was nominated as the outstanding Volunteer Group of 
the Year by Thomas Nelson Community College. 

At the May 18 meeting local artist, Mr. Francis Kent Stiet- 
enroth gave a slide presentation on "Heraldry - Art and Science." 
Mr. Stietenroth had painted the Nelson Coat of Arms on the plaque 


which was presented to Thomas Nelson College in 1974. 

In July 1976 Bishop Bentley was given an honorary life mem- 
bership in appreciation for his work in compiling The St. John^s 
Cemetery Inscriptions . 

Seminar -7 6 was held on September 25 at Thomas Nelson Commu- 
nity College, with over 240 attendees. Speakers and their topics 
were : 

Maj. Arthur L. Burke, Coordinator of Continuing Education, 
York County - Locale 1776-1789; 

George B. Everton, Jr., Publisher of The Genealogical Helper 
- (1) Starting & Continuing Your Genealogical Records; (2) Meth- 
ods of Recording Research Data; (3) Searching State & City Re- 

Klaus Wust, consultant in cultural history - (1) Research in 
German Records; (2) Germans in Virginia; 

Dr. Carolyn Sinclair, of Gloucester County - History & People 
of Gloucester Co. Virginia; 

Prentiss Price, genealogist for the First Families of Virgin- 
ia - Destroyed Records-Where to Turn; and 

Dr. James H. Smylie, Professor at the Virginia Theological 
Seminary - Scots at Home & In the Colonies. 

At the November 16 meeting Mr. Prentis Price of Richmond, 
Virginia returned and spoke on "Destroyed Records and Where to 
Turn." This was an extension of his Seminar -76 topic, and was 


The first meeting of 1977 was held on January 18. Mr. Parke 
Rouse, Jr., of Williamsburg and Director of the Jamestown Founda- 
tion, spoke on Tidewater Virginia Families: Their Ups and Downs. 

On March 14, Dr. Edward Riley, of Colonial Williamsburg, gave 
another presentation on the Colonial Virginia Records Project. 

At the May 17 meeting, the Society gave the Virginia flag to 
Thomas Nelson Community College for its Avenue of Flags. The 
Virginia flag was raised during a ceremony as part of Seminar -77 
in September. Speaker for the May 17 meeting was Dr. Charles H. 
Haws of the Institute of Scottish Studies at Old Dominion Univer- 
sity. He talked about Scots in Virginia at the time of the Ameri- 
can War for Independence and Scottish influence in the Old Domin- 
ion (1685-1800) . 

At the August Executive Board meeting, the Society changed 
the term of membership to run for a year beginning in the month 
in which the members dues were received. 

Seminar -77 was held on September 24 at Thomas Nelson Commu- 


nity College. The seminars were becoming ever more popular. 
This year about 253 people attended. The program for the Seminar 
was : 

Dr. Edward M. Riley, Historian for Colonial Williamsburg - 
British Records on Colonial Virginia; 

Milton Rubicam, past president of the National Genealogical 
Society - German Emigration to America - Their Ancestry and 

Dr. Thorton Mitchell, State Archivist for North Carolina 
- Migrations to and from Virginia and North Carolina; 

John Frederick Dorman, Editor, The Virginia Genealogist - 
Locating Virginia Emigrants in Their Native States; and 

Stuart Lee Butler, National Archives - Military Records in 
the National Archives. 

The Seminar concluded with the raising of the State of Vir- 
ginia Flag donated to Thomas Nelson Community College by the 
Society. Dr. George Cannon, Richard 0. Hansen, of the College 
and Mrs. Dorothy Bottom, owner of the Daily Press attended the 
ceremony. Several members of the College faculty were present. 
The Virginia flag was hoisted and the brass plaque naming the 
Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical Society of Tidewater Virginia as 
the donor was attached to the pole. 

Speaker for the November 15 meeting was Dr. Malcolm H. 
Harris of West Point, Virginia, who presented information on 
Research on Louisa and Old New Kent Counties in Virginia. 


In January 1978, Dr. Frank Farmer became the second President 
of the Society. He succeeded Mrs. Virginia Rollings who had been 
President from its beginning in 1969 through 1977. 

At the January 17 meeting, Mrs. Rollings was given an in- 
scribed silver bracelet as a token of appreciation to her as 
founder of the Society and for outstanding service as President, 
1969-1977. Mrs. Rollings was made an Honorary Life Member of the 
Society. Speaker for the meeting was longtime member Mrs. Char- 
lotte Brown who spoke on Huguenots in Virginia. 

Speaker for the March 14 meeting was Mr. Richard Hughes from 
the History Department of the College of William and Mary. Mr. 
Hughes spoke on County Institutions in the Colonial Period of 

On May 16 Dr. James David Kornwolf, Professor of Fine Arts at 
the College of William and Mary, spoke on Early Houses and Land 
Area of Surry County. 

Seminar -78 had two "themes" - "Overseas is a Breeze" in the 
morning and "North and South Meet in Virginia". The Seminar was 
held in the auditorium of Christopher Newport College to accommo- 


date the large crowd which gathered to hear a panel of speakers 
from the Genealogical Library operated by the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah from Brigham Young University 
in ProvO/ Utah. 

Panel members were Larry 0. Jensen of the Utah library, 
specialist in overseas research, Norman Wright of the faculty of 
Brigham Young University, author of books on southern United 
States research, and Dr. Benjamin Bloxom of Brigham Young Univer- 
sity. The morning speakers and their topics were: 

Dr. Benjamin Bloxham - (1) Problem Solving in English Genea- 
logical Research and (2) Some Case Studies of Scotch-Irish Ances- 

Mr. Larry 0. Jensen - Records of Genealogical Interest Per- 
taining to Families Which Immigrated from Germany or the Low 

In the afternoon the speakers and topics were: 

Mr. Norman Wright -(1) Early Emigrants and Their Records in 
New York and Pennsylvania and (2) Sources for Genealogical Re- 
search in the South Atlantic States; 

Mr. Richard Hughes Carter, Colonial Williamsburg -Colonial 
Virginia Government; and 

Mr. Gary M. Williams, Clerk of Circuit Court, Sussex Co., Va. 
- Genealogical Data in Virginia County Court Records. 

The November 21 meeting was held at Granby High School in 
Norfolk. This was the first meeting held on the south side of 
Hampton Roads. It was well attended by about 60 people. The 
Speaker was Mr. Ronald E. Grim, Assistant Chief for Reference 
Center for Cartographic and Architectural Archives, National 
Archives. He spoke on the Use of Maps and Cartographic Records 
in Doing Genealogical Research. 


Speaker for the January 16 meeting was Mr. Robert Carpenter, 
Librarian, West Ave. Library Newport News, who talked about 
Interlibrary Loan Services. 

At the March 20 meeting, the Society gave a Certificate of 
Appreciation and a plaque to Mr. William Litsey for his work on 
the Nansemond County Fee Books . Although often confined to his 
home due to serious illness, Mr. William Litsey had laboriously 
hand-indexed the Fee Book of Nansemond County . So few records 
exist for this burned out county that this work was a very valu- 
able one. The book was completed and given to the Society and 
subsequently microfilmed by the Virginia State Archives where it 
may be researched. 


Col. Kurt Waldron, who presided over the local Stake of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints presented an award 
termed the "Spirit of Elijah Award" to Thomas Nelson Community 
College for its generous support of genealogical enterprises on 
the Peninsula. The award name was taken from Malachi, final 
verses which tells of "turning the hearts of the fathers to the 
children and the children to their fathers..." This award was 
received by William Litsey and subsequently placed in the glass 
cabinet in the foyer of the Administration Building where it 
remained for many years. The Speaker was Mr. Kevin Kelley of the 
Colonial Williamsburg Research Department who talked about the 
"Road to Yorktown, A Historic Journey." 

In the spring of 1979 members of the Society cleaned up the 
Cole Family Cemetery on Moyer Road in Denbigh. The cemetery, 
which dates from the seventeenth century, is located on private 
property. The earliest grave dates from 168 6, the most recent is 

The program at the May 15 meeting was the film " A Day in the 
Life of an Eighteenth Century Family." 

The theme for Seminar -79 was "Welcome Back to Virginia." 
The Seminar was held on September 15 at Christopher Newport 
College. The program for the seminar was: 

Mr. Louis H. Manarin, State Archivist for Virginia, The 
Virginia State Archives - The Primary Source for Virginia's 

Mr. E. Lee Shepard, Virginia Historical Society, Genealogi- 
cal Resources at the Virginia Historical Society; 

Miss Kay J. Domine, College Archivist, College of William and 
Mary, Genealogical Research at the Swem Library; 

Miss Anne K. Myers, University of Virginia Library, Records 
for Genealogical Research at the Alderman Library; and 

Dr. V. Ben Bloxham, Brigham Young University, (1) Searching 
for English Ancestors Prior to 1850; (2) Scottish Parochial 

In the fall of 1979 the by-laws were amended to establish two 
new types of memberships - life and sustaining - in the Society. 
These memberships became available in 1980. 

Speaker for the November 20 meeting was Dr. Timothy E. 
Morgan Assoc. Prof, of History, Christopher Newport College, who 
spoke on Social Life in 17th Century Virginia . 


The Tidewater Genealogical Society continued to grow. At the 
beginning of its second decade it had 773 members and $2300 in 
the treasury. 


At the January 15, 1980 meeting, held in the evening at 
Christopher Newport College, Dr. Ransome B. True, Director of 
Historical Research, APVA, spoke about the Program to Document 
All Virginians Before 1660. 

The March 18 meeting was held at Christopher Newport College. 
Speaker for the meeting was Mr. Vincent Watkins of Poquoson, who 
talked about York County Records. 

On May 20 Mr. Parke Rouse, Jr., Executive Director of the 
Jamestown Foundation, spoke on George Benjamin West (1839-1917) : 
His Time and His Tales. Mr. Rouse had recently edited Mr. West's 
memoirs and thoroughly researched the period of Peninsula history 
that they covered. Mr. West's memoirs are a personal history of 
the area which is now downtown Newport News, Virginia. 

Our collection of publications also continued to grow mainly 
from the kind donations of members. In June, Mrs. J. Nolan 
Callahan gave a collection of Pipkin family letters to the Socie- 

In June Colonel Nicholson resigned as editor of the Quarterly 
because of his election to the Hampton City Council. His re- 
placement, Mr. Doyle Swofford became the third editor of the 
Quarterly. Due to problems (budget, etc) Thomas Nelson Community 
College announced that beginning in the fall of 1980 it would no 
longer print the Quarterly for us, so other arrangements had to 

In June Dr Franklin Farmer, President, announced that he 
would be taking a years leave of absence from his post while he 
worked in Maine. During his absence Charlotte Brown, Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Society, filled in for him. 

Under the direction of Mr. James Mero, the Society took on 
the project of restoring Vol. IV of the Home Bulletin news paper 
which was in the Hampton Institute Archives. The restoration 
work was done by the Barrow Restoration Shop. The restored paper 
was delivered to Hampton Institute in August 1980. Hampton Insti- 
tute had the volume bound and dedicated it to the Society in- 
scription read: 

The Hampton Bulletin 

Volume IV 

December 1887 - November 1888 

Restored by 

The Hugh S. Watson, Jr. 

Genealogical Society of 

Tidewater, Virginia 

Hampton, Virginia 

Seminar -80 was held October 4 at Christopher Newport Col- 
lege. The theme was "Where Do I Go from Here." The program 


consisted of speakers and a panel discussion. The speakers and 
their topics were: 

Mrs. Robert Brown, Society Vice-President -Is There a Heredi- 
ty, Patriotic or Just Plain Fun Society in Your Future? 

Robert Carpenter, Librarian of the West Avenue Branch Li- 
brary, Newport News - Published Genealogies and Local History: 
How to Find Them in Any Library; 

Mrs. Douglas M. Joyner - An Amateur Goes into The Publishing 

Doyle P. Swofford, Editor of the Quarterly - North Carolina 
Research; and 

Arthur W. Vollertsen - Who Was Who in Warwick County, Virgin- 
ia, 1782-1880 

The panel discussion answered questions which had been sub- 
mitted by seminar attendees. Panelists were: Mr. James H. Mero 
(moderator), Mr. Hugh S. Watson Jr., Col. Charles A. Nicholson, 
Mr. Joseph A. Shortal, Mrs. Robert Brown, Mr. Robert Carpenter, 
Mrs. Douglas M. Joyner, Mr. Doyle Swofford, and Mr. Arthur W. 

The final meeting of the year was held on November 18. 
Former Society President Mrs. Virginia Rollings spoke on Family 

Merle Kimball, Librarian of the Society, began cataloging the 
many Society holdings at the Thomas Nelson College library. She 
started a card catalog and brought many periodicals to the li- 


The first general meeting of 1981 was held on January 20 at 
Thomas Nelson Community College. Speaker for the meeting was Mr. 
Doyle Swofford, Editor of the Quarterly, who discussed North 
Carolina Records. 

In 1981 the Society printed 50 copies of the Index to Nanse- 
mond County Clerks Fee Books . This publication was dedicated to 
Mr. William Litsey, a long-time member of the Society who did 
most of the abstracting names for the index. Response to the 
publication was good. Of the initial printing of fifty copies, 
thirty-seven were reserved prior to publication. So the Society 
ordered a second print of fifty copies. 

Speaker at the March meeting was Mr. Langdon of the Golden 
Plate Book Store in Virginia Beach. 

At the May 19 general meeting a Certificate of Appreciation 
for their outstanding service to the Society were given to Cath- 
erine Blanton and Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Catherine Blanton had 
served for many years in the time-consuming task of Membership 


Chairman and member of the Board. Memberships greatly increased 
and her card files kept track of dues and the memberships of many 
individuals and libraries and archives centers both local and 
from other states which subscribed to the Quarterly. The program 
was a slide show - A Glimpse of Williamsburg 1861-1865 presented 
by Col. and Mrs. Charles Hunter. They showed pictures that had 
never before been shown to the public. 

In order to expedite and accomplish special projects, the 
by-laws were revised in October 1981. The responsibilities of 
the Publication Chairman were divided into two positions - the 
Publication Chairman and the Special Projects Chairman. Mr. 
James Mero became the Special Projects Chairman and Mr. and Mrs. 
John Mcllhaney took over the duties of Publication Chairman. 

Seminar -81 was held on October 2 and 3 at the Holiday Inn in 
Newport News. To honor the final year of the bicentennial cele- 
bration, the theme of the 1981 seminar was "Revolutionary Virgin- 
ia ancestry". The film "Search for a Century", about the develop- 
ment of the Wolstenholme Project at Carter's Grove, was shown at 
the Friday evening banquet. Speakers on Saturday were: 

Mrs. Virginia Rollings, genealogist and former President of 
the Society - This Land is My Land; 

Mr. Charles L. Mays, L.D.S. Library, Salt Lake City -Early 
Colonial Records; 

Mrs. James N. Garrett, Jr., Past President of the Portsmouth 
Genealogy Society - Early Eastern Shore of Virginia; and 

Mrs. Denton D. Brickey, National Archives - National Ar- 
chives . 

The Seminar also included a book fair and family surname 
exchange . 

The November 17 meeting was held at Thomas Nelson College. 
The main business of the meeting was the election of officers. 
Mr. John S. Salmon, Head of the State Records Unit, Virginia 
State Library, talked on Revolutionary War Records. 


The January 9 luncheon meeting was held at the Fort Monroe 
Officer's Club. The Speaker was Mr. J. Wolf Prow, a teacher at 
Christopher Newport College, of Yorktown, Virginia who discussed 
German Research. 

At its February 16 meeting the Executive Board voted to have 
all periodicals belonging to the Society bound. The cost of 
estimated at $200. 

Mr. Wayne McSorley, speaker at the March 16 meeting, pre- 
sented the Society with two copies of a name index and one copy 
of an abstract which he had compiled from 50 old English deeds 
and leases. Mr. McSorley spoke about the old English documents in 


his collection. 

The Executive Board met on April 20. Virginia Junkins an- 
nounced that Patty Schaffer and Sharon Stine had offered to 
answer letters of inquiry to the Society. Work was continuing on 
several special projects including the Elizabeth City County 
Research Guide . James Mero stated that several volumes of Eliza- 
beth City County Court books from the 1700 and 1800' s needed to 
be restored. The Board voted to restore one volume of court re- 

At the May 8 luncheon meeting, Mrs. Kathryn Scott, Chief 
Cataloger, DAR Library talked to the Society about lineages and 
research in the DAR Library in Washington, DC. 

In lieu of a Seminar in 1982, the Society decided to arrange 
a trip to Salt Lake City to visit tne L.D.S. Library. In prepa- 
ration for the trip, Virginia Rollings presented a program at the 
September general meeting about the L.D.S. Library in Salt Lake 
City. The program, which was held at the Ramada Inn on Saturday 
September 4, was tailored to help those interested in the October 
trip. The scheduled dates for the trip were October 9-16. It 
was announced at the September Board meeting that 10 people had 
signed up for the trip which was now scheduled for April 30 - May 
8, 1983. 

James Mero announced at the September 21 Executive Board 
meeting that the Order Book for Elizabeth City County, 1833-1835 
was being restored. Arrangements were also made for the Society 
to get Xerox copies of the pages from the 1689-1699 Court Record 

The November 15 meeting was held at Thomas Nelson College. 
Speaker for the meeting was Mrs. Charlotte Hughes Brown, who 
talked about The Kern Library in Norfolk. Mrs. William Portlock 
and Miss Peggy Haile briefed Mrs. Brown on the material available 
at the Kern Library. 


Beginning in 1983 all memberships were renewable in January, 
that is memberships were to run from January through December. 
Members joining later in the year would have their membership 
dues pro-rated. At the January 15 meeting Patricia Glenny Rea- 
gan, Chuck Woolley, and Lee Neuse gave a presentation on Computer 
Genealogy. This was a luncheon meeting held at the Fort Monroe 
Officer's Club. 

The by-laws were revised at the February 15 Executive Board 
meeting to define a quorum for meetings of the Executive Commit- 
tee as ..."a majority of the number of elected and appointed 
positions of officers which are filled at that time." 


Speaker for the March 14 meeting/ held at Thomas Nelson 
College, was Dr. Aletha A. Markusen, Professor of Biology, Chris- 
topher Newport College, who talked about Heredity and Genealogy. 

Restoration of the Elizabeth Citv County Order Book of 1833- 
1835 was completed and the restored book returned to the City of 
Hampton in April 1983. 

It was announced at the April 9 Executive Board that 15 
"oral" commitments had been made for reservations for the Salt 
Lake City trip scheduled for the end of April. 

Mrs. Virginia Rollings, former president of the Society, was 
the speaker for the May 28 luncheon meeting held at Fort Monroe. 
She spoke about Virginia Research and Quaker Records. 

In June twelve members of the Society made a trip to the 
Library of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, 
Utah. The group, led by Virginia Rollings, included Leona and 
James Mero, Barbara F. Senecal, John and Peg Patterson, Wayne and 
Abbie Kendall, Elizabeth Johnston, Lida A. Overton, Betty She- 
shane and Merle H. Githens. The group dubbed the trip a success. 

The group stayed in Hotel Temple Square directly across from 
the Genealogical Library. Through the courtesy of the Latter Day 
Saints Church the group sat together in the Tabernacle to hear 
the choir on Sunday morning and were introduced from the podium 
as a group of genealogists from Virginia. They were guests for a 
luncheon in the sky room of the Hotel Utah on one day and guests 
of the Latter Day Saints Church in the special dining room on the 
30th floor of the Church Office building. The arrangements made 
by Mrs. Rollings. The Hosting Committee of the Church provided a 
special van to carry the group sight-seeing. They were taken to 
the Great Salt Lake and to Snowbird ski resort. The group at- 
tended a concert in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square and were 
guests at a special dance exhibition on the Salt Palace. Days 
were spent in the reading rooms of the Genealogical Library. 

Seminar -83, "Resources for Genealogical Research", was held 
on October 21 and 22. Ninety-nine people attended the Seminar. 
The Friday evening dinner meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in 
Newport News and the Saturday session at the Fort Monroe Offi- 
cer' s Club (Hampton) . At the dinner session Brent Holcomb, 
Editor and Publisher of the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral 
Research, talked about Sources for Genealogical Research When No 
Vital Records Are Available. Speakers on Saturday and their 
topics were: 

Dr. Franklin Farmer -Getting Started; 

Ms. Peggy Joyner - Problem Solving; 

Ms. Barbara Senecal - Preparing for Your First Trip to the 
LDS Library, Salt Lake City; 

Mr. Lynn Hart and Mr. Chris Kolbe - Resources in Counties 
South of the James and East of the Blue Ridge; 


Ms. Patricia Little Taylor - Resources for Searching for 
Your Irish Ancestor; 

Ms. Virginia Rollings - Resources Available in the LDS Branch 
Libraries; and 

Ms. Martha McCartney - Some Resources Containing Indian 
Records . 

The talks were followed by a question and answer period. The 
Seminar also included a Genealogy Surname Exchange run by Ms. 
Sharon Stine and a book fair. 

The November 19 meeting was held at the Newport News Stake of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. Following the biennial 
election of officers, Ms. Jacquelin Pomeroy spoke about New Kent 
County Records. 


Membership dues were raised again in 1984 to $9.00/year, 
primarily to offset increasing costs for the Quarterly. 

In January Bettye Overby became the third President of the 
Society and outgoing President Dr. Frank Farmer became the 
fourth editor of the Bulletin. Dr. Farmer was given a Life 
Membership in the Society and a Certificate of Appreciation for 
the six years of service that he gave the Society. 

Speaker at the January 21 general meeting was Mrs. Jesse 
Forrest/ who spoke on Families of the Poquoson Area. 

At a special meeting of the Executive Board held on March 26/ 
the board changed three articles of the by-laws. Section 6, 
Articles IV, XI and XII of the by-laws were changed and a consti- 
tution added. The changes were necessary for the Society to get 
tax exempt status. 

At the March 2 6 general meeting Mr. Joseph Frankowski/ Educa- 
tion Coordinator of The Syms Eaton Museum in Hampton/ talked 
about the Early History of Hampton. 

The May 5 meeting was held at the Swem Library/ College of 
William and Mary in Williamsburg. Merle Kimball/ Serials Librar- 
ian/ Swem Library and Program Chairman for the Society/ spoke 
about Genealogical Resources in the Swem Library. 

The Elizabeth City County Research Guide was sent to the 
printers in August/ 1984. Fifty-two copies were printed. The 
books were ready in time for the Seminar in September. They sold 
so well that a second printing was ordered. This project was so 
well received that the Society decided to develop a Warwick 
County Research Guide. A favorable review of the Elizabeth City 
Guide appeared in the January /February 1985 issue of "The Virgin- 
ia Genealogist" 


Seminar -84 was held on September 29 at the Ramada Inn in 
Newport News and was attended by 179 people.. The theme was 
"Your' Guide to Excellence in Research." The Seminar was dedicat- 
ed to the memory of Mr. William Litsey, the 48th member of the 
Society. Mr. Litsey had been an active member of the Society, 
had served on the Executive Board and was largely responsible for 
the Nansemond County Fee Books being printed by the Society. The 
program featured the following three speakers. 

Dr. George K. Schweitzer, Distinguished Professor of Chemis- 
try at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, who talked about 
(1) Civil War Genealogy and (2) War of 1812 Genealogy; 

Dr. Ransome B. True, Director of Historical Research, APVA, 
who talked about the Biographical Dictionary of Early Virginia; 

Mrs. Mary Meyer, Maryland genealogist, who talked about 
Maryland Records. 

Mrs. Meyer donated a copy of her book Meyer^s Directory of 
Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada. 1984 to the 
Society. Audio tapes were made of the Seminar talks. These were 
made available to Society members. 

At the October Executive Board meeting, it was announced that 
the Society had obtained tax exempt status from the IRS. This 
was largely due to the efforts of Sam Jones. It was noted in the 
minutes that an inventory of the Society's holdings was in 
progress. At this meeting, Betty Wyatt donated some old cemetery 
records from the Fox Hill area of Hampton. 

Dr. Peter J. Bergstrom, Research Associate at Colonial Wil- 
liamsburg, spoke on Colonial Records in Tidewater Virginia at 
the November 14 meeting, which was held at Thomas Nelson College. 

At the end of its 15th year the Society memberships included 
663 individual members, and subscription memberships from 10 
libraries and 4 societies. 


In January 1985 Mary Mesic became the new Membership Chair- 
man, replacing Carolyn Vassos, and Frances Biggins became Librar- 
ian for the Society. Also, in January, the Executive Board voted 
to reprint the popular Elizabeth City County Research Guide when 
the current supply ran out. 

There were two speakers at the January 19 general meeting, 
which was a morning session at the Fort Monroe Officer's Club. 
Peggy Stead, Newport News Librarian, spoke about the Card Catalog 
on Computer, and Russell Cornelius, Wang Computers, talked about 
the LDS IBM Genealogical Computer Program. 


Speaker for the March 23 meeting at Thomas Nelson College was 
former Society President, Dr. Frank Farmer, whose topic was 
"Deeds: An Excellent Source for Genealogical Data." 

Space at the Thomas Nelson Community College library was 
becoming sparse and the Society needed more room for its Library 
holdings, plus a file cabinet and more shelf space. The Society 
investigated moving some or all of its holdings to the new Hamp- 
ton library. This was discussed with Mr. Howard Ogden head of the 
Hampton Library. It was noted that the inventory of the Society 
library holdings was computerized and indexed. It was suggested 
that the inventory be printed in the Quarterly. Of the records 
that had been in the Thomas Nelson College Library, most remain 

One of the new projects undertaken in 1985 was a fund to buy 
a microfilm reader for the new Hampton library. Collections were 
taken at meetings and a solicitation made through the Bulletin. 
This was an emergency member project with participation by local 
members and by members from other states. Many out of state 
members made generous contributions enabling the Society to reach 
the goal of $1100.00. 

The by-laws were amended at the April Executive Board meeting 
to include the Trip Coordinator as a member of the Executive 

The May 18 meeting was held at Thomas Nelson College. Kay 
Domine, Archivist at the Swem Library of the College of William 
and Mary gave a presentation on Preserving and Identifying Old 
Photographs. At this meeting, Mr. Robert White donated the fol- 
lowing three books to the Society: 

( 1 ) A History of Providence United Methodist Church ; 

(2) Ancestry and Descendants of Peter B. Smith and His 
Wife. Catherine G. Smith ; and 

(3) Pressons of York . 

Seminar -85 was held at the Ramada Inn in Newport News. The 
Seminar was held on September 28 and was attended by 174 people. 
The theme was "New Beginnings from the Old World to the New" and 
featured two speakers - Mr. Klaus Wust, Research consultant at 
the Shenandoah Valley Historical Institute, and Dr. George 
Schweitzer, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the Universi- 
ty of Tennessee in Knoxville. Mr. Wust spoke on (1) German 
Research and (2) German Migration. Dr. Schweitzer's topics were 
(1) Revolutionary War Genealogy and (2) Kentucky, Tennessee, and 
Georgia Genealogical Research. The Seminar also included two book 
displays, one by the Hearthstone Bookshop and the other by the 
Society, and a surname exchange. A professional photographer was 
on hand to make copies of old photographs. 

At the November 16, general meeting Mrs. Charlotte Brown 
talked about the "Proof Needed for Joining Patriotic Societies." 


The By-laws were amended in 1985; a fiduciary committee was added 
and the duties of its members were defined. The biennial elec- 
tion of officers was held at this meeting. 

At its December 2 meeting, the Executive Board decided to 
restore another Hampton Court Record Book. 


In 1986 the Society made the move into the "computer age". A 
Commodore computer was purchased for the use in preparing the 
Quarterly. The computer was to be used by the volunteer typist. 
Use of the computer reduced preparation time by facilitating the 
editorial process. 

At the January 18 meeting the Sykes Family, members of the 
Culpepper Battalion, gave an interesting presentation about the 
daily life of a soldier during the American Revolution. The Sykes 
also displayed replicas of items used during the Revolution. 

John D. Broadwater, Sr., an underwater archaeologist and 
marine historian, gave a slide presentation on the recent voyage 
of the Godspeed at the March 8 general meeting. At this meeting 
Mr. James Willett presented the Society with three volumes of The 
Willett Families of North America . It was also noted that the 
Society had received copies of three notebooks presented by Dr. 
Thomas Sale. The notebooks contained copies of "Grandfather's 
Story -Benjamin Ohlinger of Ohio", which were recorded by Portia 
Gillain Story. 

Hugh S. Watson, Jr. and Virginia Rollings served as resource 
persons at the May 3 general meeting. They answered questions 
asked by people at the meeting. 

In the spring of 1986 Sam Jones became the fourth President 
of the Society. He replaced Bettye Overby who resigned because 
she was moving to North Carolina. Bettye was given a Certificate 
of Appreciation by the Society. Col. Charles A. Nicholson took 
over the post of Vice-President which Sam Jones had vacated. 

The Society raised enough money to donate a microfilm reader 
to the new Charles Taylor Library (Main Branch) in Hampton. A 
plaque was made and placed on the reader after it was installed 
in the Virginiana Room. The reader was commemorated on May 5 to 
Mrs. Virginia Rollings, founder and first President of the Socie- 

Seminar -86, held September 26 and 27 at the Ramada Inn, fea- 
tured a single speaker - Dr. Arlene Eakle, President and founder 
of the Genealogical Institute in Salt Lake City. Her many topics 
included: (1) How to Find Lost Genealogical Records, (2) How to 
Trace the Common Man Through American Congressional Records, (3) 
Are Your Immigrant Ancestors on Microfilm?, (4) How to use Ameri- 


can Court Records, (5) American Church Records, (6) Tracing the 
Ladies on Your Pedigree, (7) Evaluating Genealogical Evidence. 

Mrs. Peggy Joyner spoke about the Pitfalls and Problems in 
Publishing a Genealogy at the November 8 luncheon meeting, held 
at the Ramada Inn in Newport News. Mrs. Joyner, a long time 
member of the Society, has written several books on German re- 
sources and Augusta County, Va. records. 


At the January 7, 1987 meeting, Mr. Alonzo T. Dill, an au- 
thority on King William Co. history and author of Carter Braxton; 
Last Virginia Signer , talked on Beating the Bounds of Burned Out 

The Speaker for the March 14 meeting was Mr. William Hender- 
son, a history professor at Richard Bland College in Petersburg, 
who talked about Civil War Regimental History. Mr. Henderson has 
written two books on this subject. 

Mr. Jennings Flathers was the speaker for the May 3 general 
meeting. He talked on The Indentured Servant in America. 

Seminar -87 was held at the Ramada Inn in Newport News on 
September 18 and 19 and featured two speakers Ms. Helen Leary, 
President of the North Carolina Genealogical Society, and Dr. 
John P. Coletta, a published author and a lecturer from Washing- 
ton, D.C. The Seminar opened with "An Evening with Helen Leary". 
Following dinner Ms. Leary' s topic was North Carolina Records 
That Solve Lineage Problems. 

On Saturday Ms. Leary lectured on: (1) "Old Albemarle County 
(NC) ; Visitors and Settlers", and (2) "Internal North Carolina 
Migrations: Where Did They Go From Albemarle?" 

Dr. Colletta lectured on: (1) "French Immigration to North 
America, 1604 to 1854" and (2) "The Huguenots." 

The Seminar also included a book fair by the Hearthstone 
Books and a photographer who made copies of old photographs. 

The November 14 general meeting was held at the Hampton 
Library. The revised by-laws were accepted and passed by the 
Society. The program was presented by Pam Cook Spanogle, who 
talked on Researching Collateral Relatives. 

Sometime in late 1987 or early 1988 a Society Newsletter was 
begun with Bonnie Howell as the editor. The newsletter was to be 
an occasional publication which would supplement the Quarterly. 



The January 23 general meeting was held at the Charles Taylor 
Library in Hampton. An informative film, "Slow Fires Burning," 
on the preservation of documents and books was shown. This was 
followed by a tour of the new Virginiana Room and a presentation 
on its contents by Gerry Lassiter, of the Virginiana Room. 

Several special announcements were made at the February 9 
Executive Board meeting. It was announced that five trustees had 
been elected: Virginia Rollings, Hugh S. Watson, Jr. and John 
Patterson - for 3 year terms and Col. Charles A Nicholson and Dr. 
Franklin Farmer - for 4 year terms. 

Mr. James Mero discussed having pins made with the Tidewater 
Genealogical Society Logo. These would be sold to members of the 
Society for about $1.80. The executive Board agreed to this and 
the pins were ordered. 

At the March 26 meeting held at the Hampton Library, Mrs. 
Virginia Rollings, former Society President and head of the 
Newport News LDS Family History Center, spoke to the Society 
about Resources through the Family History Center. Society pins 
had arrived and were sold to members for $1.60 each. Hugh Wat- 
son, Jr., for whom the Society is named, was presented with the 
first pin. By the April 12 Executive Board meeting 45 pins had 
been sold. 

Jim Miller gave a slide and video presentation about Cemeter- 
ies of Southeastern Virginia (Tidewater) at the June 18 meeting. 
Mr. Miller has documented and compiled thousands of names from 
many forgotten and overlooked sites. 

Seminar -88 was held at the Ramada Inn in Newport News on 
September 23 and 24 and featured a single speaker - Dr. Arlene 
Eakle. Dr. Eakle is President and founder of the Genealogical 
Institute, Salt Lake City. Dr. Eakle spoke on (1) "Pre-1920 
Census Records," (2) "Using Maps in Genealogical Research," (3) 
"English Origins," and (4) "A Man Called Smith: Which One is 
Yours?" The Seminar included a book fair and a photographer to 
copy old pictures. 

Society members continued to donate books and documents to 
the Society. At the October 11 Executive Board meeting Mrs. Anna 
Whitehurst gave the Society a copy of her family genealogy book. 
Mr. Sivells donated a copy of the programs presented at the 
National Genealogical Society Conference held in Biloxi, Missis- 
sippi' in April 1988. 

Speaker for the November 12 meeting was longtime member 
Charlotte Brown who talked about Colonial Women. This was a 
luncheon meeting held at the Fort Monroe Officer's Club. 



The January 1989 meeting had a two part program held at the 
Charles Taylor Library in Hampton. Story Smith presented an 
Introduction to Computer Genealogy. This was followed by a Panel 
Discussion featuring: 

Virginia Rollings - LDS Family History Center; 

Gerry Lassiter - Virginiana Room, Hampton Library; 

Merle Kimball - Swem Library, College of William and Mary; 

Maralee Garst - LDS Family History Center; and 

Sam Cobb - Norfolk Genealogical Society. 
Most of these panelists were members of the Society. 

On April 19 the Everton Publishers presented an all day 
Workshop "Family Tree Climbing Can Be Fun" at the Fort Monroe 
Officer's Club. Attendees were given the opportunity to scan 
computerized indexes of surnames. 

At the May 16 Executive Board meeting a committee was ap- 
pointed to formulate a policy for the Society relative to the 
receipt and dispensation of Society records and property. The 
committee consisted of the Trustees and the President, Sam Jones. 
The Society still had space at the Thomas Nelson Community Col- 
lege Library in 1989, but this space is full and the college was 
unable to enlarge it. 

The June 2 9 general meeting was held at the Hampton Library. 
The program was a workshop on the preservation of documents 
presented by Heritage Quest Road Show. 

On August 22 the Society donated a personal computer and 
genealogy software to the Hampton Library. The computer was 
placed in the Virginiana Room and was dedicated to the memory of 
Mrs. Margaret (Peg) Patterson, a long time Society member and 
Executive Board member. The computer was presented to the li- 
brary primarily for use by genealogists; the software included 
several programs for generating genealogical charts. 

Seminar -89 was held on October 20 and 21 at the Ramada Inn 
in Newport News. The theme was "From Tiny Acorns Mighty Oaks 
Grow." The Friday evening banquet featured "An Evening With Jo 
White Linn." The Saturday session featured Ms. Linn and Mr. 
Parke. Rouse, Jr. On Saturday Ms. Linn spoke on The Great Phila- 
delphia Wagon Road. During her talk Ms. Linn encouraged audience 
participation and interacted with Seminar attendees. Mr. Rouse 
spoke about Early Settlers of Virginia. The Seminar also fea- 
tured a book fair. 

The final general meeting of 1989 was held December 16 at the 
Hampton Library. A program was presented on computer programs 
for genealogists. The meeting also included the bi-annual elec- 
tion of officers. 


Notes: (1) The author had access to the minutes of the gener- 
al meetings and Executive Board meetings. Society scrapbooks, an 
early, unpublished history (written ca. 1972) and a history of 
the Society written by Charlotte Brown which was published in the 
December 1979 Quarterly. 

(2) Rather than list or note all of the Society officers 
every year, only the Presidents, those taking newly established 
offices and a few others are mentioned. This is in part due to 
missing and incomplete information. 

(3) Many thanks to those longtime members who have reviewed 
this 20 year history. Hopefully, they have filled in most miss- 
ing information. 



"The Virginia Tidewater Genealogy Quarterly" 
by Charlotte Hughes Brown 

The Tidewater Genealogical Society was organized in 1969 and 
the first priority was the publishing of a genealogical magazine 
to help others researching their family lineage. We knew there 
was a lot of interest in the Tidewater area but we hoped to 
encourage people from outside Virginia to participate in the 
society's endeavors. Mrs. Robert Brown became the first editor 
and it was her idea to call it "The Bulletin". She modeled it 
after the Virginia Genealogical Society Bulletin. It then con- 
sisted of about twenty-five 9 x 12 mimeographed-type collection 
of wills, queries, notes, etc. It was an informal type newslet- 
ter and we used this as our guide. 

Our first issue (50 copies) was published in 1970. Mrs. 
Evelyn Cash was enlisted as a typist and a number of the first 
Bulletins were mimeographed in her church. Mrs. Brown brought 
the finished product home, collated it by hand, licked the 
stamps, wrote the addresses by hand and carried the copies to the 
Post Office. Sometimes to save postage she took the early copies 
to the meeting to be distributed to the members. She was also 
the Membership Chairman. Later Mr. Hansen of the Thomas Nelson 
College gave us permission to have the Bulletins printed at the 
college. Mrs. Brown still had to buy the paper, take it to the 
college, bring the Bulletins home and sometimes collate it around 
the dining room table. 

Mrs. Sue Christian, an excellent genealogist, became the 
first feature editor. Various members jumped in to write arti- 
cles. Mrs. Jesse Forrest was the cemetery expert with records 
from the Poquoson area. Mr. Litsey contributed many fine arti- 
cles. He was active in abstracting, indexing, and typing the 
Nansemond County Fee Books. He arranged, typed and indexed the 
cemetery records of St. John's Episcopal Church in Hampton, 
Virginia. In 1979 he received the "Spirit of Elijah" from the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for unusual services 
in genealogical research. Mrs. Peggy Joyner majored in German 
research. One of her articles later became part of an excellent 
book on her family. Col. Charles A. Nicholson contributed many 
fine articles. Mr. Vincent Watkins of the Poquoson-York County 
area compiled many records from that region. Catherine Dycus 
designed the seal for the society. We now use it on our cover. 


Mrs. Robert Brown was editor from 1970 to 1975. Col. 
Charles A. Nicholson followed from 1975 to 1980. During his term 
the Bulletin received a new cover and name and was now known as 
"The Quarterly". Printing was done professionally and no longer 
had to be collated by hand. Catherine Blanton became the Member- 
ship Chairman. In 1980 Doyle Swofford became the Editor. In 
1984 Dr. Frank Farmer took over the reins. 

Our goal was to publish records of this area. We realized 
that this area was where it all began and people living in Cali- 
fornia, Kentucky and Oregon all had ancestors who originally 
lived here. To help these people we printed bible records, 
census returns, helps and aids to research, Parish records 
(Abingdon was a favorite) , church records, tax lists, notices of 
family reunions, wills, pensions, etc. Once we even published a 
lineage supposedly going back to Adam and Eve. We received so 
many orders for that Bulletin we had to republish the magazine. 
There' are many fine articles and family histories in the early 
Bulletin and Quarterlies. 

Volume 6 contained articles on the Koger Family, Woodleys of 
Isle of Wight, John Maught and the Gross Family. The Howletts 
were in Volume 12, Fraysers in Volume 15, Baughs in Volume 13, 
and in Volume 18 we had the Wynne Family of York, Warwick and 
James City Counties and a article on the Huguenots. 

An early feature was the exchange Bulletins. It became a 
popular feature of the Bulletin. The copies were then placed in 
our library holdings at the Thomas Nelson College. Another 
favorite of the members has been the Query Section and Name 



by James Mero 

Mr. William L. Litsey acted in his capacity as a member of 
the Executive Board of the Society to accomplish several 
projects. The Nansemond County, Virginia Clerk^s Fee Books, 
1798-1800 was dedicated to Mr. Litsey in recognition of his 
outstanding contributions to the Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical 
Society of Tidewater Virginia. 

The organizational structure of the Executive Board did not 
provide for a Special Projects Chairman until 1980. It was at 
this time that certain responsibilities of the Publications 
Chairman were transferred to Special Projects and the duties and 
responsibilities of Special Projects Chairman were defined. The 
Chairman was to be responsible for the development of short and 
long-term projects and the development and preparation of materi- 
al for publication and sale by the Society. The Chairman would 
also be responsible for the completion of other projects such as 
the restoration of old court records, projects involving the 
membership, and indexing projects. 


The Nansemond County. Virginia Clerk^s Fee Books. 1789-1800 . 
published in 1978, was compiled by members of the Society under 
the direction of Mr. William L. Litsey. In the summer of 1975 
Mr. Connis 0. Brown, Jr. of the State Library, Richmond, Virginia 
discussed with members of the Society the preparation of an index 
to the Nansemond County 1789-1800 Clerk's Fee Books. A test was 
made with two years of the books and it was determined that 
abstracts would be more beneficial to researchers than a simple 
index. The project was approved by the Executive Board in Novem- 
ber 1975. The following Society members volunteered to assist in 
the project: Mr. William L Litsey, Chairman; Mr. and Mrs. James 
H. Mero, who carried forward the project during the illness of 
the chairman; Mrs. Gloria Ray; Mrs. K. D. Osborne; Mrs. Martha 
DuLong; Mr. and Mrs. John L. Patterson; Mr. Upshur Joyner; and 
Mr. Doyle Swofford. 

The Cemetery Inscriptions. St. John's Church. Hampton, 
Virginia was prepared for publication and indexed by Mr. William 
L. Litsey and was published by the Society for the St. John's 
Episcopal Church, Hampton, Virginia in 1975. The St. John's 
Episcopal Church holds the copyright. The original transcrip- 
tions, were made by the Right Reverend John B. Bently, retired 
Bishop of Alaska and a native of Hampton. 


The Elizabeth Citv County Genealogical Research Guide was 
compiled and edited by Mr. James H. Mero and was copyrighted and 
published by the Society in 1984. The project was approved by 
the Executive Board in the fall of 1981 and it was also voted to 
publish research guides for other counties within the geographi- 
cal area of Tidewater Virginia. The guide was printed to assist 
persons who were researching their families in Elizabeth City 
County (now the City of Hampton, Virginia) . 

The Tombstones in St. Luke^s Church Cemetery, Isle of Wight 
County. Virginia was compiled by Ms. Virginia A. Barger for the 
Society in 1970. 


One year of the HOME BULLETIN , Volume IV, December 1887- 
November 1888, was restored in 1980 for the Hampton University. 
The newspapers were published on the campus of Hampton Institute 
(now Hampton University) for the Soldier's Home. There are six 
volumes of these newspapers and the other volumes were to be 
restored by Hampton University. 

In the interest of preserving the original court records of 
Hampton, Virginia the Society has resi:ored several old record 
books. The restoration work was done by the Barrows Restoration 
Shop, Richmond, Virginia and the records are now expected to last 
for at least another 100 years. 


In 1979 Dr. Frank H. Farmer and others worked on a project 
to restore the Cole Family Cemetery located in Denbigh, Newport 
News, Virginia. The cemetery is on the property of Mrs. Moyer. 
The Executive Board approved, in April 1979, initial funding for 
Dr. Farmer to use in determining what was needed to restore the 
cemetery. It was determined that three stones needed to be 
rebuilt and a fence put up around the stones. The cemetery has 
been cleaned up and put in good order, and a hedge planted. It 
has been preserved and is being maintained. 


Our nation celebrated its bicentennial in 1976, commemorat- 
ing the 200th Anniversary of American Independence. The bicen- 
tennial project of the Society was an Oral Genealogy and History 
program. The program was under the leadership of Mrs. Virginia 
Rollings, assisted by Ms. Mary Beth Rephlo. The Society has over 
fifty oral genealogy and history tapes of interviews conducted by 
Society members in its library collection at Thomas Nelson Commu- 
nity College. 



A project of the Society membership was initiated in 1984 
for the purpose of obtaining funds to purchase a microfilm read- 
er. This reader was to be a gift from the Society to the new 
Hampton Public Library for the Virginiana Room. The reader was 
dedicated in May 1987 in honor of Mrs. Virginia Rollings the 
first president and founder of the Society. 

On May 17, 1977 a membership project was initiated to pur- 
chase a flag pole and a Virginia State flag. These were to be a 
gift to the Thomas Nelson Community College, from the Society, in 
appreciation for the support given to the Society over the years. 
A plaque was placed on the flag pole identifying the Society. 

A membership project of the Society was the gift of a plaque 
with the Nelson Coat of Arms to the Thomas Nelson Community 
College. The plaque was presented to the college on May 17, 


In December 1987 the Executive Board approved a project to 
obtain pins for the Society members. The logo would appear on 
the pins with the short title name and the date the Society was 
formed. This project was accomplished by Mr. James H. Mero, 
Projects Chairman and the pins are proudly worn by the Society 
members. They are available to new members. 


A project to buy a computer was initiated in 1989 by the 
president of the Society, Mr. Samuel L. Jones. The computer is a 
gift from the Society to the Hampton Public Library and will be 
installed in the Virginiana Room. The Executive Board approved 
the funds for the computer in April 1989. The computer has been 
purchased and is being installed. It will be for Virginiana Room 
patrons only. This computer is dedicated in memory of Mrs. 
Margaret (Peg) Patterson. 




Articles of organization of the Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genealogical 
Society of Tidewater Virginia. 

The undersigned, a majority of whom are citizens of the United 
States, desiring to form a Non-Profit Association, do hereby 

FIRST: The name of the Association shall be the Hugh S. Watson, 
Jr. Genealogical Society of Tidewater Virginia. 

SECOND: The place in this State where the principal office of 
the Association is to be located in the home of the President- 
Elect of the Association. 

THIRD: The Association is organized exclusively for charitable 
and educational purposes. The purposes for which the association 
is organized are: 

(a) To instruct in methods of research, documentation and 
recording of genealogies. 

(b) To procure and maintain genealogical research resources 
and facilities. 

(c) To collect, index and file family group records of 
members . 

(d) To collect, develop, publish and disseminate genealogi- 
cal information of interest to the membership and the 
general public. 

FOURTH: The names and addresses of the persons who are the 
initial trustees of the association are as follows: 

Mrs. Virginia Rollings 801 Thams Dr. Hampton, Va 23666 

Mrs. Charlotte H. Brown 115 Olin Dr. Newport News, Va 23602 

Dr. Franklin H. Farmer Route 2, Hayes, Va 23072 

Mr. John Patterson 417 Gilbert St. Hampton, Va 23669 

FIFTH: No part of the net earnings of the association shall 
inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, 
trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the 
association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable 
compensation for services rendered and to make payments and 
distributions in furtherance of the purposed set forth in Article 
Third hereof. No substantial part of the activities of the 
association shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise 


attempting to influence legislation, and the association shall 
not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or 
distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of 
any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other 
provision of these articles, the association shall not carry on 
any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by an 
association exempt from Federal income tax under section 
501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corre- 
sponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue 
Law) or (b) by an association, contributions to which are deduct- 
ible under section 170(c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 
(or the corresponding provision of any future United States 
Internal Revenue Law) . 

SIXTH: Upon the dissolution of the association, the Board of 
Trustees shall, after paying or making provision for the payment 
of all of the liabilities of the association, dispose of all of 
the assets of the association exclusively for the purposes of the 
association in such a manner, or to such organization or organi- 
zations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educa- 
tional, religious, or scientific purposes as shall at the time 
qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under section 
501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corre- 
sponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue 
Law), as the Board of Trustees shall determine. Any such not so 
disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of 
the county in which the principal office of the association is 
then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organiza- 
tion or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are 
organized and operated exclusively for such purposes. 

In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names this 
30th day of April, 1984. 


Virginia Rollings (Seal) 


Charlotte H. Brown (Seal) 


Franklin H. Farmer (Seal) 


John Patterson (Seal) 




Organized December 1969 


To instruct in methods of research and documenting and correctly 
recording genealogies. To make and maintain records of genealog- 
ical resources, to collect, index, and file family records of 
members, to be accessible to members. 


To meet not less than five times each year in general meeting, in 
January, March, May, September and November. Departmental and 
Executive meetings will be called in accord with interest and 


An Executive Committee to be responsible for promoting programs, 
recording of procedures and policies, will be composed of a 
president, departmental chairmen, secretary, treasurer, and 
appointed officers as deemed necessary by the Executive Commit- 

Departments will be organized in accord with interest of members. 
Initial Departments are as follows: 

1. Department of Colonial Virginia Research 

2. Department of Southern Colonial Research 

3. Department of English and Northern European Research 

4. Department of Central and Western U. S. 

5. Department of Basic Instruction 

The President 

Will be nominated by a committee selected by Department Chairmen, 
composed of one member from each department, selected in Novem- 
ber. Election will be in January with the president serving for 
a two year period, eligible for reelection. 


It is the immediate responsibility of the elected president to 
select heads of departments, a secretary, a treasurer and other 
officers and chairmen as determined by the Executive Committee. 
These officers are at all times subject to change by the presi- 
dent of assignment. Names of officers are to be presented in the 
general meetings for sustaining vote of the membership. If the 
selection of any officer is not sustained by vote of members, the 


president must designate another who will be sustained. 

The president will insure that all expenditures, purchases, 
projects and plans are considered and decided upon in Executive 
Committee. Department heads will present all projects and plans 
for ratification in Executive Committee. 

If any president is unable to continue in office, nomination for 
replacement will be made by the Executive Committee. In the 
absence of the president the Chairman of the Department of Colo- 
nial Virginia Research will assume responsibility of the presi- 

Department Chairmen 

Department Chairmen will be selected by the president and sus- 
tained by vote of the membership. The chairmen should have a 
keen interest in the area of research of the assignment and in 
promoting abilities and interests of others. Departments may 
hold meetings and plan projects separate from general meetings 
and peculiar to their own area of interest but no plans shall be 
carried out which have not been ratified by the Executive Commit- 
tee. To avoid duplications, the president shall be notified of 
communications and appointments of assistants considered by 
department chairmen. 

Recording Secretary 

Since correct record keeping is the first principle of genealogy, 
the recording secretary shall be one dedicated to preservation of 
complete and correct accounts of procedures, transactions, 
changes, minutes, projects, and memberships. 

Corresponding Secretary 

Shall receive, reply to, and maintain a file of correspondence. 

Bulletin Chairman 

Shall edit and issue a quarterly Bulletin containing information 
of genealogical interest to members of the Society. 

Publicity Chairman 

Shall be responsible for notification to members and to the 
general public of all meetings and programs. Cost accounts for 
publicity and mailing shall be submitted to the treasurer. 


Shall index and account for books and family histories and notes 
in possession of the Society which are housed in the Library of 
Thomas Nelson Community College. Donations of books shall be 
recorded with maintenance of an inventory. 


Membership Chairman 

Shall be responsible for encouraging growth of memberships and 
for annual notification and receipt of dues. A written account 
of all membership dues and expenses shall be provided to the 
treasurer. Current lists of members will be provided to officers 
and chairmen. 


Shall maintain an account of the organization and development of 
the Society in narrative form. Shall encourage members to write 
family histories and to provide the Historian with copies of them 
and of Family Group Sheets and Ancestor Charts for filing. 


Shall' be responsible for collection and dispersal of all funds 
accruing to the Society, and the maintenance of proper records 
thereto, to serve without bond. The Society is a non-profit 
organization and, as such, will make an annual report to the 
Internal Revenue Service. At this time an audit will be made. 

Program Chairman 

Shall plan all programs for general meetings and seminars in 
conjunction with department heads as described under "organiza- 
tion". Program plans shall be submitted to the Executive Commit- 
tee for approval prior to any effecting of plans. Upon approval 
the program chairman shall be responsible for execution and 
conducting of programs. 


Requirements for membership shall be as follows: 

1. An annual dues of five dollars payable in January. 

2. Willingness to support the activities of the society. 






The name of this organization is The Hugh S. Watson, Jr. Genea- 
logical Society of Tidewater Virginia, or in shorter form, Tide- 
water Genealogical Society. The geographic area of primary inter- 
est covered by the Society shall be the counties, cities and 
towns that lie below the fall line in Virginia known as "Tide- 
water" . 


The purposes of the Society shall be: 

1. To instruct in methods of research, documentation and record- 
ing of genealogies. 

2. To procure and maintain genealogical research resources and 

3. To collect, index and file family records of members. 

4. To collect, develop, publish and disseminate genealogical 
information of interest to the membership and the general public. 



The Society shall not meet less than five times each year in 
general meetings in January, March, May, September and November. 



Section 1. The Society shall consist of individual members, joint 
membership of husband and wife, life members, sustaining members, 
honorary members and honorary life members. 


Section 2. Members shall be persons, or organizations, who are 
willing to support the activities of the Society and pay annual 
dues. The amount of dues shall be fixed and varied by the Execu- 
tive Committee from time to time. 

Section 3 . (a) A Life Member shall be an individual who elects to 
support the Society by a one-time dues payment, in an amount 
determined by the Executive Committee. 

(b) A Sustaining Member shall be an individual, or husband 
and wife, who supports the Society by payment of annual dues 
equal to twice the amount of the current annual dues. 

(c) Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be 
persons who are granted such memberships by the Executive Commit- 
tee for a stipulated period, or for life. They shall be entitled 
to the privileges of members but shall be exempt from the payment 
of dues. 

Section 4. Members will be sent a dues reminder notice in Novem- 
ber of each year showing amount due as of the 1st of January. 
Membership will lapse upon failure to pay dues by February 1st, 
the established due date. 

Section 5. Membership may be terminated by the Executive Commit- 

.(a) Upon resignation of any member in good standing, with 
no refund of dues paid. 

(b) For other cause. 

Section 6. Membership in the Society will not be denied to any 
person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin or 


Section 1. The Executive Committee: 

(a) Shall administer and manage the business and affairs of 
the Society. 

(b) Shall be responsible for establishing policies and 
promoting programs. As the Society grows, the Executive Committee 
shall be empowered to define offices, positions and departments 
in accordance with changing needs, and to take necessary imple- 
menting actions. 


(c) Shall consist of the following officers: 

(1) Elected: President, Vice President, Recording 
Secretary, Treasurer, Members of Board of Trustees. 

(2) Appointed: Trip Coordinator Chairman, Program 
Chairman, Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary, Quarterly 
Editor, Publicity Chairman, Librarian, Membership Chairman and 
Special Projects Chairman. 

(3) The Immediate Past President of the Society shall 
automatically become a member of the Executive Committee. 

(d) Shall hold meetings in February, April, August, 
October and December at such place as the Executive Board may 
determine. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be 
called by the President. 

(e) Two-Thirds of the membership of the Executive 
Committee shall constitute a quorum for an Executive Committee 

Section 2. The President shall preside at the Executive Committee 
meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice President 
shall preside. In the absence or disability of both the President 
and Vice President, the Executive Committee shall elect a Chair- 
man Pro-Tem. The Chairman Pro-Tern shall preside at general meet- 
ings in the absence or disability of both the President and Vice 
President. In case there is no Chairman Pro-Tem to preside at a 
general meeting the President shall appoint a Chairman Pro-Tem 
prior to the meeting. 



Departments shall be organized in accordance with the genealogi- 
cal interests of the members and may be changed from time to time 
by the Executive Committee. 



Section 1 . All officers shall be members of the Society. The 
President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer 
shall be elected by the membership for terms of two years, except 
in case of a special election to fill the vacancy of the office 
of President or Vice President, and shall be eligible for re- 


Section 2. Other officers shall be selected and appointed by the 
President for terms of two years and shall be eligible for reap- 
pointment. The President shall be empowered to change the of 
appointed officers, or remove them for cause, at any time. Names 
of appointed officers shall be presented to the membership at 
general meetings for a sustaining vote. If any appointed officer 
is not sustained by a vote of the membership, the President shall 
select and appoint a replacement, and present the name of the 
replacements to the next general meeting for a sustaining vote. 

Section 3. Each officer and chairman shall maintain a current 
procedural guide pertaining to the office held. The guide shall 
be provided to the next person to hold the office. 

Section 4. The President: 

(a) Shall select persons to fill the appointive offices 
required to carry on the activities of the Society. 

(b) Shall meet, as changing circumstances may require, with 
Departmental Chairman to define, evaluate and establish depart- 
ments according to the genealogical interests of the membership. 

(c) Shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, 
composed of two members of the Executive Committee and one member 
from the general membership. This Committee shall select one 
nominee each for the offices of President, Vice President, Re- 
cording Secretary and Treasurer. 

(d) If elective offices become vacant between regular 
elections, the President shall appoint officers to fill these 
vacancies until the next regular election. 

(e) Shall insure that all expenditures, purchases, projects 
and plans are considered and approved by the Executive Committee. 

(f) If the President is absent or unable to serve, the Vice 
President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the 
President . 

(g) Shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the 
Nominating Committee. 

Section 5. The Vice President: 

(a) Shall assist and support the President by every means 

(b) Shall perform such functions as may be designated or 
assigned by the President or the Executive Committee. 

(c) Shall perform the duties and functions of the President 
in the event of the absence or disability of the President. 


Section 6. The Recording Secretary shall make and preserve com- 
plete and correct accounts of procedures, transactions, changes, 
minutes of meetings and projects. 

Section 7. The Treasurer: 

(a) Shall serve without Bond. 

(b) Shall receive, deposit in a bank, and disburse all 
funds accruing to the Society. 

(c) Shall maintain proper financial records. 

(d) Shall present a financial report at each regular Execu- 
tive Committee meeting and each general meeting, 

(e) Shall pay bills from officers and committees, after 
insuring that such bills were clearly authorized and are accompa- 
nied by receipts. 

(f) The fiscal year of the Society shall be January 1 
through December 31. An annual audit will be made by a qualified 
auditor or by a committee appointed by the President. 

Section 8. Program Chairman: 

(a) Shall plan all programs for general meetings and semi- 
nars. Program plans shall be submitted to the Executive Committee 
for approval . 

(b) Shall execute and conduct approved program. 

(c) Shall be assisted by Seminar Chairman. 
Section 9: The Parliamentarian: 

(a) Shall advise the presiding officer on questions of 
parliamentary procedure in conducting the business of the Socie- 

(b) Shall periodically review these bylaws and keep them 
current . 

(c) Shall provide copies of current bylaws to members of 
the Executive Committee and to other members upon request. 

Section 10. The Corresponding Secretary: 

(a) Shall receive, prepare replies, and maintain files of 
correspondence pertaining to the activities of the Society. 

(b) Shall perform such functions involved in communications 
with members and others as may be assigned by the President. 


Section 11. The Quarterly Editor: 

(a) Shall edit and issue a Quarterly containing information 
of genealogical interest to members of the Society, and be re- 
sponsible for its content, quality and format. 

(b) Shall select, with the approval of the Executive Com- 
mittee, members of a Quarterly Advisory Committee. The Quarterly 
Advisory Committee shall meet at least Semi-annually. 

Section 12. The Publicity Chairman shall notify members and the 
general public of all meetings and programs presented by the 
Society and shall publicize the activities of the Society by use 
of newspapers, radio, television, genealogical publications and 
other means. 

Section 13. The Librarian: 

(a) Shall prepare an index of the titles of the books, 
family histories and notes in possession of the Society and 
account for them. The collection of the Society shall be housed 
in facilities as determined by the Executive Committee. 

(b) Shall record and maintain an inventory of books and 
other materials donated to the Society. 

(c) Shall encourage members to write family histories, 
Family Group Sheets and Ancestor Charts and provide copies to the 
Society Library. 

Section 14. The Membership Chairman: 

(a) Shall receive all membership applications and dues. 

(b) Shall insure that members receive timely reminders to 
pay renewal dues. 

(c) Shall transmit to the Treasurer all membership dues 
collected, with a list of the memberships paid. 

(d) Shall provide, to the appropriate officers, changes to 
the membership. 

Section 15. The Historian: 

(a) Shall prepare and maintain a narrative account of the 
organization and development of the Society. 

(b) Shall maintain a scrapbook, and collect and preserve 
memorabilia pertaining to the history of the Society. 

(c) Shall maintain completed files of projects of the Special 
Projects Chairman. 


Section 16 . Publications Chairman: 

(a) Shall be responsible for the publication and the sale 
of publications for the Society. These may be manuscripts, re- 
cords/ or other materials of genealogical interest. 

(b) Shall secure the approval of the Executive Committee on 
material to be published. 

(c) Shall publish and supervise the sale of approved mate- 
rial as appropriate. 

(d) Shall maintain records of sales of publications and 
transmit to the treasurer all money collected from such sales. 

(e) Shall develop advance publicity regarding publications 
and provide it to the Publicity Chairman. 

Section 17. The Special Projects Chairman: 

(a) Shall be responsible for the development of short and 
long term projects of the Society. 

(b) Shall develop and prepare material for publication and 
submit it to the Publications Chairman for publication and sale. 

(c) Shall advise the Publications Chairman at the proper 
time to enable him to develop advance publicity for sales. 

(d) Shall complete other special projects as required. 

(e) Shall maintain files of projects and upon completion of 
projects, provide the file to the Historian. 

Section 18. Trip Coordinator: 

(a) Shall coordinate all research trips of the Society and 
shall' determine, with the advice of the Executive Committee, 
number and place of trips. 

(b) The Trip Coordinator may select additional members as 
needed for the work of the committee. 

Section 19. Board of Trustees: 

(a) Shall be the five (5) elected Trustees of the Non- 
profit Association legal agreements, the President and the Treas- 
urer of the Society. 

(b) Shall be elected by the members of the Society at a 
general meeting. 


(c) Shall elect their own Chairman and Vice Chairman annu- 
ally. These officers may succeed themselves. Chairman shall 
initiate meetings of the committee. 

(d) Vacancies occurring in the number of Trustees may be 
filled temporarily by the Acting Trustees until the next meeting 
of the Society at which time formal elections will be held by the 
Society to fill such vacancies. 

(e) Since the release of all committee members at a given 
time or at the time of election of new officers must be avoided, 
Trustees will serve on a staggered basis. Trustees one, two and 
three will serve three years; four and five will serve four 
years . 

(f) Trustees shall obtain and maintain a file of informa- 
tion updated at all times related to non-profit management; to be 
responsible for obtaining proper audit, accounts in Federal and 
State fiscal and tax reports required; to inform the Board of all 
legal actions necessary, of liabilities, procedures and policies 
required as a non-profit organization; to maintain a file of all 
tax records and reports in duplicate with one file maintained in 
a safe place at all times; to be responsible for disposal of 
properties in case of dissolution of the organization; to advise 
in any steps regarding discontinuance of the non-profit status. 
All Federal and State Tax Reports and all audits shall be re- 
viewed and signed by the President and the Chairman of the Board 
of Trustees. 



Section 1. The President, Vice President, Recording Secretary 
and Treasurer shall be elected by the membership at the General 
Meeting in November. They shall be elected for terms of two years 
and be eligible for reelection. A President or Vice President 
elected at a special election to fill a vacancy shall serve the 
remainder of that term of office and shall be eligible for re- 
election. Twenty members present at a general meeting shall 
constitute a quorum. 

Section 2. The regular notices to the membership regarding gener- 
al meetings shall include notices of elections to be held. 

Section 3. In May of the odd-numbered year in which a regular 
election is to be held, the President shall appoint a Nominating 
Committee of two members of the Executive Committee and one 
member from the general membership. The Nominating Committee 
shall present one nominee for President, Vice President, Record- 
ing Secretary and Treasurer at the November general meeting. 
Additional nominations maybe made from the floor at the general 
meetings, provided the nominee has consented. The nominee receiv- 


ing the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership present 
at the election shall be declared elected. The elected officers 
shall begin their terms of office on January 1 following their 

Section 4. A special election to fill a vacancy in the office of 
President or Vice President may be held at any general meeting. 



The rules contained in the "Robert's Rules of Order, Revised" 
shall govern the Society in all cases to which they are applica- 
ble, and in which they do not conflict with the Bylaws of the 



Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the 
Bylaws. Amendments shall be proposed by members of the Executive 
Committee. Proposed amendments by other members of the Society 
shall be submitted in writing to a member of the Executive Com- 
mittee. Proposed amendments shall be discussed and approved by 
the Executive Committee. After approval, only major changes to 
the bylaws shall be presented to the membership at the next 
general meeting for a vote. 

Section 2. Any major change to the bylaws shall be effective when 
approved by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership 
present at a general meeting. 



No part of the assets of the Society shall inure to the benefit 
of, or be distributed to its members, officers, or other private 




Upon dissolution of the Society, all property and assets will be 
used to pay all liabilities and obligations. Any residule assets 
will be disposed of to the libraries in the local areas as shall 
at the time qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501 
(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the correspond- 
ing provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) . 

Amended: 1978-79-81-82-83-85 

Revised: October 20, 1987 

Charlotte Hughes Brown, Parliamentarian 


Life Membership 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Birmingham 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M Phillips 

Mrs. Margaret D. Riley 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Sale 

Mrs. Bette Ann Schaefer 

Rev. Melvin Lee Steadman, Jr. 

Mrs. Frances Holloway Wynne 

Honorary Life Membership 

Rev. John Boyd Bent ley 
Mrs. Robert M. Brown 
Mrs. Lewis W. Cash 
Dr. Franklin H. Farmer 
Mr. William L. Litsey 
Mrs. Virginia H. Rollings 
Mr. Hugh S. Watson, Jr. 


Tidewater Genealogical Society 20 Year Membership List 

By Mary Mesic & Carolyn Vassos 

Mrs. Susan C. Abadie 

2Lts. Robert & Tina Ackley 

M/M Richard W. Albright 

Mrs. L.L. Alexander 

Mrs. Gibson Allen 

M/M Ozni E. Allen 

Mrs. Walter E. Allen 

Mrs. Myra H. Allmond 

M/M John E. Ambler 

Mrs. Carolyn Ancarrow 

Mrs. John S. Anderson 

Mrs. Richard N.Anderson 

RAdm/M Vernon L. Anderson 

Mrs. C. E. Anthony 

Mrs. Richard R. Apperson 

Walter E. Arps, Jr. 

Joleen Artell 

S. Lee Atkins 

Mrs. Cynthia Aucoin 

Sunday Abbott 

M/M Milton E. Adams 

Ms. Myrna A. Alderfer 

E. Anne Allen 

Mrs. Marie B. Allen 

M/M Robert J. Allen 

Ms. Barbara Allmond 

M/M David H. Alman 

M/M Charles R. Amory, Sr. 

M/M Arthur Anderson 

O.C. Anderson 

M/M Richard V. Anderson 

M/M Ronnie W. Anglin 

M/M Stefan Antis 

M/M Winfrey E. Arnold 

Mr. G.O. Arrington 

M/M Joseph A. Atkins 

M/M C. R. Atkinson 

Mrs. William H.Austin, Jr 


Mr. George M. Bacon 
M/M Burton E. Bailey 
Col/M Hollis H. Baker 
Mrs. Virginia B. Baker 
Mrs. Mildred Ball 
M/M Donald C. Bandy 
M/M Ernest Barco 
Mrs. Ina R. Barewald 
M/M Marius R. Barham 
M/M George S. Barlow, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Lee Barnes 
M/M Sheridan R. Barringer 
M/M John W. Bateman 
M/M Wyley L. Baxter 
M/M William E. Beamer 
M/M Ray Beeman 
Mrs. Audrey Bell 
LCdr/M John M. Bell 
Dr/M Paul L. Bent 
Mrs. Kathryne C. Bentley 
Mrs. Edythe S. Bernard 
Dr. B. H. Berry 
Mrs. Carol L. Berwager 
Ms. Doris G. Bibler 

Miss Beryl Bailey 

M/M Joseph C. Baird 

Mrs. Vergil Baker 

M/M Duane B. Baldwin 

M/M L. William Ballard, Jr. 

Miss Kathryn Barclay 

M/M Robert L. Barco 

Mrs. Virginia A. Barger 

Mrs. Clara W. Barker 

M/M Charles E. Barnes, Jr. 

M/M R. Allen Barnes, Jr. 

Jeanne P. Barton 

M/M Willard A. Bauserman 

Mrs. David L. Beall 

Grace L. Becker 

Mrs. I.V. Behm 

Mr. George F. Bell 

Mr. Thomas E. Belvin 

The Rt. Rev. John B. Bentley 

M/M Richard C. Bentley 

Dr. Bedford H. Berney 

Ann W. Berryman 

Patricia A. Bettis 

Mrs. Paul R. Bidford 


M/M Hans Bielenstein 

M/M Frederick D. Birmingham 

M/M Lawrence E. Bishop, Sr. 

M/M Lester R. Bivens 

Mrs. Jodie Black 

M/M Henry C. Blackinston 

Miss Gladys Blair 

Mrs. R. Tyler Bland 

Mary Catherine Blanton 

Freda C. Blessing 

Miss Kay Blevins 

Mrs . Van Boggus 

Mrs. Margaret P. Bonnel 

Mr. Hugh M. Booth 

Mrs. Agnes D. Borham 

M/M James E. Boulware 

M/M Lanedon H. Bowen 

M/M Lee L. Bowman 

J. Ray Brackett 

M/M B. G. Bradley 

Evelyn S. Bradley 

Mrs. Robert H. Braithwaite 

M/M W. R. Brannon 

Jeffrey & Linda Breaks 

Anne Bregman 

M/M David R. Brenegar 

M/M Jim Brennan 

M/M George A. Brigham 

Mr. William C. Brittingham, Jr. 

Mrs. Hilda M. Brooks 

M/M Edgar T. Brown 

Mrs. Gertrude W. Brown 

M/M Robert F. Brown 

M/M Stanley D. Brown 

Terry D. Brown 

Mrs. Helen Brown 

Harry Brownlee, Jr. 

M/M Emmett Bryant 

M/M Daniel D. Buchanan 

Mrs. J.H. Burcher 

M/M Marvin F. Burgess 

Mr. J. Robert Burgoon 

Jacqueline K. Burroughs 

Mrs. Ruth P. Burrows 

Nelson Eugene Buzan 

Miss J. Frances Biggins 

Mr. Frederick A. Bishop 

CWO/M Edward Bittenbender 

LtC/M Garland C. Black, Jr. 

M/M John Blackburn 

M/M Johnny R. Blackwell 

M/M Donald R. Blake 

Mrs. Gayle K. Blankenship 

M/M Roy L. Blanton 

Miss Jeanette E. Blevins 

Frederick W. Boelt 

Regenia Bonard 

M/M Lawrence V. Book 

Mrs. Lucille D. Booth 

Mrs. Raymons B. Bottom 

Bess K. Bowen 

Emily C. Bowie 

Mr. Hilary Boyd 

Fran Bradbury 

Dr/M Chester D. Bradley 

Mrs. Clyde W. Bradshaw 

Mr. Arden H. Brame, Jr. 

M/M Richard V. Brattain 

M/M William R. Breeden 

M/M Rondel D. Brendle 

M/M Dale L. Brenenstall 

Mrs. Sidney Briggs 

Mrs. Evelyn J. Brittingham 

Mrs. R.R. Brizendine 

M/M Arlie E. Brown 

Mrs. Evelyn B. Brown 

Mrs. Mary P. Brown 

Mrs. Robert M. Brown 

Suzanne Brown 

M/M Thomas H. Brown 

LtC/M Donald G. Browning 

M/M James L. Brumbelow 

M/M William J. Bryant 

David Buchanan, Jr. 

M/M Robert J. Burgemeyer 

Mrs. Thomas Burgess 

M/M Arthur L. Burke 

M/M John W. Burrow 

Miss Lylla Bussey 

Dr/M Thomas W. Caldroney 
Mrs. J. Nolan Callahan 
Mr. Warren L. Camp 
M/M Harry B. Cannon, Jr. 
Judge Macy M. Carmel 

M/M Allie D. Calender 
Mrs. Virginia A. Callis 
Col/M Richard T. Cann IV 
Emily M. Capps 
M/M Callis Carmines 


Mr. Floyd Carmines 

M/M Basil W. Carney 

Charlotte R. Carrire 

Col/M James M. Carson 

Mrs. Florence S. Carter 

M/M Richard H. Carter 

Mrs. Lewis W. Cash 

M/M Harold Cate 

Mrs. C. W. Chamberlain 

Mrs. Terry L. Chapman 

M/M Eugene B. Chase, Jr. 

Mary Ann Chelborg 

M/M W. E. Chesson 

Mrs. Aldo Chiesa 

M/M Kenneth Chilewski 

Pamela Young Christiansen 

Mrs. Mary R. Clapp 

Ann Neal Clark 

M/M David N. Clark 

M/M James Clark 

Col/M John B. Clark 

M/M Richard W. Clark 

Mrs. H.W. Clarke 

Mrs. L.W. Clatterbaugh 

Miss Mary D. Clement 

M/M Clarence L. Clodfelter, Sr. 

Nina Joan Cobb 

Louise Cohen 

Mary Ann Cole 

Helen. H. Coleman 

Robert S. Coleman 

Gayle Comolli 

M/M Norman D. Conard 

Ms . Bea Cook 

Mrs. D. T. Cooper 

Col/M Nathan Cooper 

Mr. Ned Copenhaver 

Ms. Barbara J. Corbett 

M/M George W. Core 

M/M Richard L. Cornish 

M/M Donald J.Cossette 

Mrs. Berta M. Coulbourne 

John Carlton Covington 

Mrs. Jesse R. Cowand 

Mrs. Elsie H. Cox 

M/M Gerald S. Craig 

Mrs. Murtha Joan Crawford 

Mrs. Mary Genevieve Creech 

Miss Pollyanna Creekmore 

Mrs. William Crist 

LTC/M Lou Crook, Jr. 

M/M Horace C. Cross 

M/M Harry L. Crum 

Mrs. Anne D. Crute 

M/M Franklin T. Carmines 

Ms. Donna L. Carr 

M/M Willie C. Carroll 

LtCol/M Charles H. Carter 

Mr. Frederick J. Carter 

M/M Jerry Case 

Joyce E. Castellow 

Dr/M Stephen C. Cenedella 

M/M William R. Chambliss 

M/M John R. Chappell 

M/M James E. Chauncey 

M/M Walter Cherry 

M/M Patrick T. Chiarito 

Ms. Marleta Childs 

Mrs. Sue B. Christian 

Deborah D. Cilley 

Mrs. Alonza W. Clark 

Mrs. Beverly W. Clark 

Harold L. Clark 

Mr. John Clark 

M/M Philip H. Clark 

M/M Roy E. Clark 

Mrs. Virginia J. Clarke 

Cpt/M Frank W. Clawson 

Mrs. Ina C. Clester 

Mrs. Mary R. Cobb 

M/M Samuel S. Cobb, Jr. 

Charles B. Coke 

Charles E. Coleman, Jr. 

Col/M Robert Coleman 

M/M Edward Colley 

Charles G. Compton 

Sallie F. Connally 

Mrs. Sue V. Cook 

Jeanne Cooper 

William C. Copeland 

Mrs. Karen E. Copley 

James L. Corbett 

M/M Vincent Corleto 

Jesse B. Corum, Jr. 

LCDR Laverne Edith Cottet 

Mrs. Earl E. Coulson 

Mrs. Edward M. Cowardin 

Mrs. CM. Cox 

Col. Robert Bruce Cox 

M/M Robert H. Crandal 

Louise M. Credle 

Kathryn M. Creech 

Mrs. Billie J. Crestman 

Mrs. Charles Cron 

M/M Calvin L. Cross 

Mrs. Brenda Crowley 

Col. Russell F. Crutchlow 

JoAnn Whitson Cuddy 


E. L. Culler 
Mrs. Patricia B. Cully 
Mrs. John Avery Curtis 
Mr. Simon C. Curtis 

Mrs. Edna C. Cullivan 
Mrs. Janet Austin Curtis 
Mrs. Lavenia C. Curtis 


Mrs. Mary Dallas 

Robert L. Daniel 

Dr/M H. Jackson Darst 

Blanche H. Davis 

Mrs. Helen M. Davis 

Mrs. Louise M. Davis 

M/M Oliver C. Dawson, Jr. 

Miss W. Vernon Day 

Cpt. Daniel W. Deal 

Mrs. Camilla P. Deaton 

M/M J.C. De Bose 

M/M Wilbur T. Dehnam 

Mrs. William V. Dennis, Jr, 

M/M W. B. Denton 

Miss Clara E. Derring 

M/M John B. DeShazor 

Gloria Cary Dice 

Marie H. Dickinson 

M/M R. G. Dickson 

Miss Martha R. Doughton 

M/M Alfred E. Downing 

M/M John H. Dressier 

M/M William E. Dryden, Jr. 

Mrs. William Due 

M/M Horace R. Duley 

Mrs. Marietta Duncan 

Margaret S . Dunn 

Mrs. Thelma Dunn 

H. Cullen Dunston 

M/M Everett Dwight 

Mrs. P. Hunter Dalton, Jr. 

M/M S. W. Dannemann 

Mrs. Audrey P. Daughtrey 

Dr. Hazel Davis 

Lt/M Lloyd C. Davis 

Mrs. Terry H. Davis, Jr. 

Peggy C. Day 

M/M Dean Dayal 

Mrs. Gertrude C. Dean 

M/M R.T. Deaton 

M/M George E. DeHaven 

Mrs. 0. D. Dellinger, Jr. 

Dr/M Paul L. Dent 

Mrs. Linda L. DePerro 

M/M Joseph A. DeRyder, Sr. 

Mrs. Harold M. DeVolt 

Elizabeth B. Dickens 

Mrs. Richard B. Dickinson 

Mrs. Dorothea W. Diggle 

M/M Clarence E. Doughty 

Paul Drake 

M/M Willard J. Driscoll 

Dr/M John E. Duberg 

Mrs. Ruth M. Dugger 

Miss Miriam E. Dumville 

Dr. Edwin C. Dunn 

Mr. Michael Dunn 

Nancy J. Dunning 

Dr/M Addison M. Duval 

Miss Catherine Dycus 


Miss Patricia Ann Eacho 
Mrs. Suzanne S. Earl 
M/M Peyton Easter 
LTC/M William B. Edmund, Jr, 
J. Fred Eggleston, Jr. 
Melvin C. Eley, Jr. 
M/M Charles F. Elliott 
Mrs. Herbert A. Elliott 
M/M John A. Eltringham 
Mrs. Jane 0. Emmerson 
Col/M James M. Enmeier 
M/M Elmore B. Erdman 

Mrs. Joan B. Earl 

Nita Glover Eason 

Mrs. Sylvia S. Echols 

Mrs. Adrian N. Edwards 

Mrs. Tom Elam 

Mrs. Gloria G. Eller 

Ethel T. Elliott 

M/M William M. Elliott 

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Emmerson 

Mrs. Anne B. Engenbright 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ennis 

Mrs. Elsie Ernst 


Brig.G/M Graydon Essman 
M/M J, E. Eubank. Jr. 
Mrs. Donald Evans 
M/M Wayne H. Everett 

Col/M Murl Estes 
Mrs. Jeannette S. Eustace 
Mrs. Sandidge Evans 
Mary S. Ewell 

M/M Ted Fairbanks 

Mrs. Carl L. Fales, Jr. 

Dr. Franklin H. Farmer 

Mrs. Coy V. Farrell 

M/M Alexander G. Fewsmith, Jr 

Jill Ann Figuenick 

M/M G. B. Fletcher 

Miss Develand Flowers 

Paul W. Folse 

Mrs. Carroll T. Forrest 

M/M Glenn R. Foster 

M/M Charles D. Frank 

Natalie Friendly 

M/M Charles D. Fritts 

Genevieve T. Frost 

Mrs. H. Ray ford Fry 

M/M R. Dulany Furlong 

M/M Richard W. Faison 
The Rev. Ralph E. Fall 
Mrs. Bette A. Farrar 
Virginia L. Ferguson 
M/M C. Franklin Fielden 
Dr/M 0. Garth Fitzhugh 
Mrs. Lester D. Flory 
Edward D. Flythe 
M/M Jesse T. Fontaine, Jr 
Mrs. Gary N. Foster 
M/M Donald F. Foxworthy 
Col/M Ivan Rex Frey 
M/M Malcolm G. Fries 
M/M Charles J. Fritz 
M/M Russell B. Frost, Jr. 
Miss Sarah E.Funkhouser 

M/M Paul B. Gaines 
Mary Ann Ganzel 
Aurora W. Gardner 
M/M William N. Gardner 
M/M Danny G. Garner 
Mrs. Delia P. Garrett 
M/M G. K. Garrison 
Mrs. James C. Gates 
M/M Thomas A. Gehring 
M/M John R. Germany, Jr. 
Jean & Dallas Gibbons 
Miss Anne M. Gibbs 
Dr/M J. Gayle Gibson 
Elizabeth J. Gilbert 
M/M Robert T. Gill 
Mrs. Carl Glaser 
M/M Robert S. Gnatowsky 
Miss Elizabeth M. Godwin 
M/M John H. Goodman 
Miss Julia M. Goodwin 
Pat Gourley 

Mrs. Margaret H. Graber 
Mrs. John R. Grant 
Mrs. Joan L. Gray 
Mrs. Henry R. Griffin 

Mrs. Mildred T. Gandy 
Laurence B. Gardiner 
Sgt . John C. Gardner, II 
M/M Paul E. Garland 
Mrs. Elizabeth V. Garnett 
Mrs. James N. Garrett, Jr. 
M/M Edward E. Garton 
John W. Gearhart, Jr. 
Mrs. Anne S. Gelly 
Mr. Halver W. Getchell 
M/M Walter S. Gibbons 
M/M Charles Gibson 
M/M William L. Gibson 
Mrs. Anne E. Gill 
M/M Robert E. Githens 
Judy Smith Clock 
Mrs. Mary L. Godsey 
W.Y. Goff 

Mr. Robert A.Goodpasture 
Dr. Ruby D. Gordon 
M/M Colin M. Govan 
M/M J. Kenneth Graham 
Mr. Hurley R. Gray, Jr. 
M/M Robert F. Greene, Jr. 
Mrs. Parke H. Griffin 


Mrs. Lewis Grigg 
Col/M Ralph J. Grimsley 
Lt/M Ronald L.Grochow 
Mrs. Juanita L. Grounds 
Mrs. Margaret Gutelius 

M/M Charles E. Grigsby 
Ms. Nellie V. Grobs 
Mrs. Lanis D. Gross 
M/M Paul Groves 
Jane Gwaltney 

Edith R. Hale 

Mr. Gary R. Hall 

Mrs. Morgon J. Hall 

Mr. Roy D. Hall 

M/M A.R. Hamblin 

M/M George H. Hamilton 

Mrs. Janet H. Hamlin 

Mrs. Charles W. Hampton 

M/M Elvin Hancock 

James & Karen Hancock 

M/M William J. Hanna 

Mrs. Russell Harberts 

Jeanne B. Hargis 

M/M Conrad P. Harland 

M/M Eddie G. Harrell 

Dr. CM. Harris 

Louise Harris 

M/M Richard H. Harris 

Virginia Harris 

M/M Edwin F. Harrison 

M/M Paul D. Harrison 

Paul Harvey & Sherry Rose-Harvey 

Mrs. Nancy L. Haskett 

Mr. William 0. Hatchell 

M/M Alvin S. Hatfield 

Joretta W. Hawkins 

The Rev/M Francis W. Hayes, Jr. 

Freda Hays 

Mrs. Susan Heil 

M/M Benjamin R. Hellier 

Mrs. Ollie S. Henderson 

Mrs. Delores E. Hendricks 

Ramona E. Hercules 

Mrs. Lee R. Herrington 

Donald W. Heston 

M/M Robert L. Hicks 

M/M Roger A Higgs 

Kathleen Hinnov 

M/M Howard F. Hinson, Jr. 

Edythe S. Hobson 

LtC/M Clarence H. Hoggand 

Col/M David K. Holland 

Mrs. Maywood D. Holland 

Kathleen L. Holliday 

M/M Jack T. Holmes 

Evelyn J. Hale 

M/M Lewis H. Hall, Jr. 

Mrs. Norman Hall 

M/M Hugh C. Halliday 

M/M Berlin L. Hamilton 

Charlotte W. Hamlin 

M/M Alfred H. Hampton 

Elizabeth B. Hanbury 

M/M George W. Hancock 

Col. William B. Hankins, Jr. 

Thelma I. Hansford 

LtC/M Robert R. Hardiman 

Betty A. Hargrave 

Mr. Lewis L. Harman 

Edward J. Harrell 

Mrs. Fanchon I. Harris 

Miss Marion Harris 

Mrs. Ruth C. Harris 

Mrs. Virginia T. Harris 

M/M John P. Harrison 

Mrs. W.M. Harrison 

Mrs. Doris K. Haskett 

M/M James L. Hassell, Jr. 

Emory G. Hatcher 

M/M Caxton 0. Haughton, Sr. 

Mrs. Martha B. Hawkins 

M/M Edward L. Haynie 

Mrs. June Hayes 

M/M Lyle T. Heinig 

M/M William Heltzel 

Mr. Ralph Henderson 

Jack E. Henson 

M/M Frank L. Hereford, Sr. 

M/M Donald R. Hertz 

M/M James D. Hicks 

M/M William W. Hicks 

Mrs. E. A. Hillery 

M/M John B. Hinrichs 

M/M William H. Hixson, Jr. 

Mr. Paul W. Hodges 

M/M Shirley S. Hogge 

James and Anne Holland 

Mrs. Z.D. Holland 

M/M Ernest J. Hollingsworth, III 

Rae Holshoy 


Edward L. Hoppe 
M/M Donald L. Holt 
Mrs. Francis C. Hooper 
M/M R.W. Hornbach 
Debra A. Horrell 
Bonnie Howell 
Mr. E.A. Hudgins 
M/M Joe T. Hudgins 
M/M Archie Hughes, Jr. 
Mrs. Sharon R. Humes 
Mrs. Charles M. Hunter 
M/M Harry B. Hutton 

Nancy L. Hoppe 
Mrs. Elma J. Hooker 
Thel Horn 
M/M Homer Home 
Mrs. Betty S. Hosmer 
Mr. Walter L. Hewlett 
Miss Helen Hudgins 
Mrs. Dolly 0. Huff 
Mrs. George M. Hughes 
M/M Hiram E. Humphrey 
Rev/M W. Garrison Hunter 
M/M Robert A. Hutton 

M/M Luther C. Inge 
M/M Harry A. Irwin 

Mrs. Cecile P. Ingram 
Mrs. Louise H. Ivey 

Barbara L. Jackson 

Sfc/M Clarence M. Jackson 

Llewellyn E. Jalbert 

Mrs. F. C. Jeffery 

Steven R. Jeffries 

Mrs. L. R. Jennings, Jr. 

M/M William Johanningmeier, Jr 

M/M Paul John, Jr. 

Allen R. Johnson, II 

M/M Mike Johnson 

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston 

M/M Donald E. Jolliffe 

Iris M. Jones 

Mrs. Mildred W. Jones 

Vera C. Jones 

Maj/M Wilbur A. Jones 

M/M Horace B. Jordan 

Mrs. Douglas M. Joyner 

Mrs. Albert S. Joynes 

Betty and Harold Jackson 
Lydia L. Jackson 
Paul L. Jaquay 
M/M Robert H. Jeffries 
M/M James L. Jenkins 
M/M William R. Jerden, III 
Mrs. Judy Johansen 
Col/M Leo D. Johns 
Bryant L. Johnson 
M/M Myles Johnson 
Ms. Patricia Johnston 
Allston L. Jones 
Mrs. Jane Ann Jones 
LtC/M Samuel L. Jones 
Maj/M Wendell 0. Jones 
Mrs. Betty R. Jordan 
Mrs. Jerry Sue Jordan 
M/M Upshur T. Joyner 
M/M James L. Junkins 

M/M Melvin L. Kane 
Robert H. Kaufelt, Jr. 
M/M George W. Keane 
Miss Linda Sue Keeling 
M/M Jack E. Keeper 
Capt. Kathleen A. Kelly 
M/M Wayne E. Kendall 
Mr. Everette S. Ketchum, 
Miss Merle A. Kimball 


M/M Walter W. Kassner 
LtC/M Laurence E. Kaufer 
Mrs. W. D. Keech 
Mrs. Marjorie C. Keeling 
Mrs. Fannie W. Keime 
Mrs. Georgia C. Kemp 
M/M Judson W. Kennedy 
M/M Roy L. Ketner 
Miss Mary Jo King 


Phyllis C. Kinney 
Patricia A. Klaus 
M/M Donald D. Kleopfer 
Cpt/M Richard H. Knight 
Mrs. W. Herbert Knowles 
Maj/M Oliver R. Knutson 
Mrs. Leslie Kohltfarber 
Ruth A. Kope 
Effie S. Kowalski 
M/M Charles C. Krause 
Marsha Lee Kudlaty 

M/M W. C. Kirkpatrick 
Mrs. Patricia N. Klaus 
Mrs. Robert W. Knapp 
M/M Paul C. Knobloch 
Col/M Dieter C. Knuepfer 
Mrs. Edna L. Koch 
Maggee Komyathy 
Mrs. Holly Kosmider 
M/M Ray Kozlowswki 
Jane Kuchnert 
Mrs. E. B. Kuhlemann 

Mrs. Rachael B. Lacks 

Cpt/M Vern M. Lampman 

Moneka L. Landreth 

Emma J. Landrum 

Edythe H. Langhorne 

M M/M Robert K. Langhorne, Jr, 

Ms. Ruth Lantz 

M/M Alan J. Lasheff 

Evelyn M. Laurine 

Arvid D. Lawless 

M/M Arthur R. Leary 

M/M Jack D. Leatherwood 

M/M Joseph B. Lee 

Mrs. Gay L. Leisman 

Mary T. Lemke 

M/M Frank H. Lemon 

M/M Paul E. Lester 

Edward M. Light foot 

M/M Raymond A. Lindstrom 

Nancy W. Lineberry 

M/M William L. Litsey 

M/M Gary W. Little 

M/M Bruce W. Locke 

M/M Vernard E. Lockwood 

Ms. Mary Dees Lombard 

Louis and Shirley Long 

Mrs. Barbara Longwell 

M/M Floyd J. Louquet, Jr. 

M/M Stuart M. Love 

M/M Clifton D. Lowell 

Mrs. J.L. Lu 

Mrs. Shirley L. Ludi 

Mrs. Melina J. Lukei 

Col/M Kenneth W. Lyon 

M/M Rogers W. Lamison 
M/M Gordon E. Landes, Sr. 
Mrs. B. F. Landrum 
M/M James H. Landrum 
Miss Mary Lou Langhorne 
John Everett Langston 
Lee and Kathy Larrew 
M/M James W.Lassiter 
M/M Harold H. Lawler 
Mrs. William Lea 
M/M William T. Leary 
LtC. Julia E. Ledbetter 
Mrs. Thomas V. Lee 
Mrs. J. G. Lemay 
Col/M Kenneth M. Lemley 
M/M A. E. Lenhart, Jr. 
Dr. Marvin H. LeVine 
M/M Bruce Lindsay 
Mary Darden Lineberger 
Mrs. Doris Linkous 
M/M Robert J. Litterst 
Mrs. John S. Llewellyn 
M/M Robert D. Lockwood 
Miss Geraldine V. Lombard 
Mrs. Curtis Long 
Mrs. Trudie D. Long 
M/M John T. Loulan 
M/M Delbert E. Love 
M/M Marvin D. Lowe 
M/M John G. Lowry 
Felix E. Luck 
M/M James A. Luikart 
Mrs. Isabel Lundquist 
Mrs. Nannie Lyon 


M/M R.V. Mac Gillivray 

M/M Richard D. Mahone 

M/M James Makris 

Anne E. Maling 

M/M Lewis M. Mann 

Robert E. & Nancy D. Manuel 

Mr. Thomas E. Marchant 

Anna L. Markos 

Mrs. Marvin G. Marler 

Mrs. Elizabeth Marsh 

M/M Lee E. Marshall 

M/M Samuel Marshall 

Mrs. Clyde Davis Martin 

Mrs. Nora Bragg Martin 

Mrs. Sarah C. Martin 

Mrs. E. W. Martineau 

M/M C. W. Martz 

Mrs. Marshall E. Matteson 

Miss Florence Mary Maupin 

Mrs. Nauty Byrd Mayer 

M/M George Edward Meanley 

Grant M. Menzies 

M/M A. R. Merrill 

M/M Wallace D. Mersereau 

Mrs. Ruth A. Middleton 

Miss Priscilla A. Milburn 

Mrs. Lewis C. Miles 

M/M Byron L. Miller 

James L. Miller 

Ms. Lillian L. Miller 

Mrs. Mary Sue Miller 

Nancy H. Miller 

Gail B. Miloni 

Mrs. Donald Mishler 

Mrs. June A. Mitchell 

Susan Mitchell 

M/M D. Samuel Modlin 

Mrs. George Mollica 

Dorothy M. Montfort 

M/M Victor Moon 

Mr. Galen H. Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Joyce Moore 

M/M P. Roxie Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Gary D. Morris 

Miss Bertha Morrissey 

M/M Edward W. Moyer 

Mrs. John F. Mullen 

Mrs. Neal E. Mullis 

M/M Stephen Murphy 

M/M Tom R. Murray 

Mr. Frank D. Myers 

M/M William D. Mace 

Mrs. Murray E. Main, Sr. 

Capt/M Steve P. Makris 

Alfred W. Maner 

M/M Harris Manning 

M/M Aubrey P. Marable 

M/M J.D. Marcum 

Jean Markos 

Mrs. Shirley P. Marlow 

M/M Howard D. Marshall 

Mrs. Mary S. Marshall 

M/M Barry L. Marston 

Louise Martin 

M/M Raymond F. Martin 

M/M Vernon K. Martin 

Mrs. Joseph J. Marty 

Mrs. Elsie M. Mason 

Mrs. Betti J. Matthews 

LtC/M Frank D. Mayberry 

M/M E. Martin Meadows 

Harold Meeker 

M/M James H. Mero 

M/M Edwin C. Merryman 

Mary J. Mesic 

Patricia P. Mikkelson 

M/M Barry W. Miles 

Mrs. Richard Mille 

Mrs. George L. Miller 

M/M John S. Miller 

Martha T. Miller 

M/M Mervin G. Miller 

M/M Taylor W. Millner 

Miss Audrey E. Minor 

Mr. Clarence E. Mitcham 

Kenneth Mitchell 

Mrs. Robert E. Moberg 

M/M Gene C. Moen 

Gary E. Montalbine 

Mrs. Florence C. Montgomery 

Fay W. Moore 

M/M Henry N. Moore 

M/M Marvin L. Moore 

M/M William V. Morgan 

Mrs. Westa T. Morris 

Ms. Erma T. Mott 

Mrs. Philip L. Moyer 

Hollis L. Muller 

Mrs. John C. Munday, Jr. 

M/M Nicholas D. Murray 

Mr. James W. Musselman, III 

Col/M Allen L. Myller 



Mr. Bert McAllister 
Mrs. Catherine H. McCarty 
Mrs. Charles B. McClelland 
Cpt/M Robert D. McCrary 
Cpt/M James McDaniel 
Sandra F. McDonald 
Mr. Donald W. McGraw 
M/M Williard B. Mcintosh 
M/M Billy R. McKinney 
Raleigh T. McLaughlin 
Mrs. Carl W. McMurray 
LtC/M William B. McNulty 
M/M Patrick G. McQueen 
Mrs. Thelma McQuillen 

M/M George T. McAllister 
Cynthia McCausland 
M/M Owen J. McColl 
Genevieve B. McDaniel 
Col/M Thomas A. McDermatt 
Ms. Eloise McGehee 
M/M John R. Mcllhaney 
Mrs. Wilson D. McKerrow 
Mrs. Marguerite G. McKinney 
Mrs. Lucille R. McMillan 
M/M Robert J. McMurry 
Mrs. Reva R. McPherson 
Mr. Christopher G. McQuigg 
Cpt/M William J. McVey 


M/M James B. Nash 

M/M Bruce M Neel 

Mrs. Carl B. Nelson 

Mrs. Mattie R. Nestor 

M/M William A. Neumann 

Col/M Charles A. Nicholson 

M/M E, J. Niedermaier 

Mrs. Jane P. Nixon 

Virginia C. Noe 

Mrs. Robert M. Norris 

M/M P. Page Nottingham, Jr. 

M/M Richard L. Nottingham, Jr, 

M/M Jim Nunnally 

Col/M Bascome L. Neal 

Doris N. Neil 

Martha Anne Nelson 

Mrs. Lillian H. Neumann 

Mrs. June M. Newago 

M/M James H. Nicholson, Jr. 

Maj/M Clifford S. Niewendorp 

Mrs. Elizabeth Noble 

Dr/M Benjamin E. Norfleet 

Mrs. Betty B. Northcutt 

Mr. Peyton P. Nottingham, IV 

Martha M. Nunn 

M/M Wyndham H. Nutter 

LtC/M G.C. Oakley, Jr. 
William A. Oden, Jr. 
Cdr/M Howard A. Ogden 
M/M Ralph L. Oldham 
Mrs. Janet P. Oppecker 
M/M James F. Ormond 
M/MGeorge Orton 
M/M Ronald E. Osborne 
Mrs. Lida A. Overton 

Mrs. Bayne P. O'Brien 
Mr. Dallis J. Ogden 
M/M Thomas E. Olander 
M/M Arthur E. Oliphant 
Marian B. Opper 
Mrs. L.S. Orrick 
M/M Kaleb D. Osborn 
M/M James R. Overby 
M/M Raymond Ovide 

M/M E. L. Padrick 
Wayne W. Pagel 
Edwin D. Palmer 

Cecil W. Page, Jr. 
M/M Charles E. Painter 
Dr/M Edwin James Palmer 


M/M Fred S. Palmer 

Mrs. N.T. Papageorge 

Mrs. H.E. Parker 

M/M Oscar E. Parker 

Mrs. Vee M. Parker 

M/M James R. Parnell 

M/M Edwin T. Parrish 

GMC/M Ernest 0. Partridge 

Mrs. Elaine T. Patterson 

Mrs. Judith S. Pate 

Mrs. Ellen I. Pearson 

M/M Roscoe W. Peele 

Mrs. Alvin B. Petz 

Robert D. Pfeiffer 

Caroline P. Phillips 

Mrs. Floyd Phillips 

Sue M. Picard 

Mrs. Catherine M. Pierce 

Pauline Pierce 

Mrs. Wendell J. Pile 

James & Sherry Poe 

M/M Howard 0. Pollan 

Mrs. William A. Powell 

Martha C. Priest 

Mrs. David Prosser, Jr. 

M/M E. Randolph Pugh 

Mrs. Grayson W. Palmore 

Miss Frances E. Parker 

Mrs. Madeline R. Parker 

M/M Richard C. Parker 

Mrs. W. John Parker 

Mrs. Patricia Parrenot 

M/M Perry P. Parrott 

Mrs. Elaine P. Paschal 

M/M John L. Patterson 

Mrs. Juanita T. Paul 

M/M Henry A. Pearson 

M/M James L. Perkinson, Jr 

Mrs. Henry A. R. Peyton 

Mrs. Hannah B. Phelps 

M/M Daniel M. Phillips, Jr 

Mr. Walter W. Phillips 

Nancy H. Pichel 

Maureen W. Pierce 

Patti L. & Barbara L. Pies 

M/M S. Z. Pinckney 

Susie M. Poe 

Dr/M Eugene J. Pope 

Margaret S. Powers 

Gwendolyn K. Princehause 

Mrs. James F. Pugh 

Mr. William J. Pugh, Jr. 

Mrs. Faye Quails 
Mrs. M.K. Quesenbury 

M/M Richard W. Quarles 
Mrs. E.H. Quisenberry 


M/M James S. Rasco 

Mrs. Mary K. Rau 

Maj/M Addison C. Rawlins, III 

M/M Theadore B. Ray 

Cpt/M Gerald A. Rech 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Reed 

LCdr/M Richard Reeks 

Geraldine C. Reilly 

M/M Henry A. Renz 

Mr. Alvin P. Reynolds, Jr. 

M/M Sam Reynolds 

M/M William T. Reynolds 

M/M William J. Rhodes, Jr. 

M/M James T. Richards, Jr. 

M/M Bob Richardson 

Mrs. La Rose Richardson 

M/M T. Earl Richardson 

Mr. B. M. Riggins 

Col/M Volney H. Rattan 

Sylvia J. Rawlett 

M/M Jesse R. Rawls 

Mrs. Jesse S. Raybourn 

M/M B. G. Reddick 

LtC/M Boyd F. Reeder 

M/M Linwood B. Regan 

Mrs. J.L. Reitch 

M/M John R. Rephlo 

Mrs Charlene G. Reynolds 

Mr. Wallace W. Reynolds 

M/M William W. Reynolds 

Carrie W. Richards 

Mrs. Margaret L. Richards 

Mr. James E. Richardson 

Mrs. Martha E. Richardson 

Mrs. Elmer W. Riddle 

Mrs. Edith C. Riggins 


Harriette H. Riggs 
M/M Lewis D. Riley 
Troy E. Ripplinger 
Mrs. Virgil A. Rives 
M/M Donald Roberts 
M/M Noel S. Roberts 
Mrs. Clara H. Robertson 
Mr. J. Hammond Robins, Jr, 
M/M James C. Robinson 
Mrs. Maynard E. Robinson 
Herschel B. Rochelle 
Mrs. Alice Rogers 
M/M Harold W. Rollins 
Mrs. Charles H. Rose, Jr. 
M/M Hayden A. Ross-Clunis 
Cdr/M E. S. Roth 
M/M Frank E. Roundy 
Mr. David C. Routten 
Mrs. Katherine G. Rowe 
Mrs. T.C. Rowe 
Karen E. Rowland 
M/M Robert H. Rudd 
Betsy B. Russell 

Deloris Riley 

M/M William L. Riley 

Dr/M Thomas A, Rivers 

M/M Lee D. Robbins 

Dr/M Grant M. Roberts 

M/M Brock L. Robertson 

Mrs. Connie Robertson 

M/M A. M. Robinson 

Marion M. Robinson 

Mrs. William G. Robinson 

Cdr/M Daniel W. Roderick 

Mrs. Virginia H. Rollings 

Mrs. Kate Roper 

Mrs. Lillian B. Rose 

Mrs. Harry R. Rossman 

Mrs. Delana P. Rothenberger 

Col/M Councill P. Rountree 

Mrs. Charles E. Rowe 

Mrs. Linwood F. Rowe 

M/M J.W. Rowell 

Nancy Carr Royce 

M/M Walter J. Rushing 

Mrs. Dorothy Ryan 

Lt/M Russell M. Safford 

LtC/M R. N. Salada 

Waddis B. Salmon 

M/M James R. Sample 

M/M Joseph H. Sanders 

Mrs. Charles T. Sandusky 

Dr/M E. B. Sanford 

M/M James G. Sauls 

Miss Jeanne W. Saunders 

Mrs. Anne Rice Sawyer 

M/M Michael S. Saxton 

M/M A. E. ScardinO/ Jr. 

Mrs. Bette Ann Schaefer 

Grace B. Schaffer 

Mrs. Willa R. Schaich 

Mrs. Emerson Schlatter 

Mrs. Marilyn Schuelzky 

M/M William F. Schumacher 

Frances F. Scott 

M/M Ralston D. Scott 

Warren Scott 

M/M J. S. Selden, Jr. 

Mrs. Kennon Self 

Mrs. Barbara F. Senecal 

Gladys Seward 

Mrs. William B. Sharp 

Herbert E. Shaw 

Richard H. Sailey 

Dr/M Thomas W. Sale 

M/M Stephen R. Sammis 

Lurlene J. Samuel 

M/M Edward P. Sanderson 

Mrs. Doris M. Sanford 

M/M Walter S. Sargavy 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Saunders 

Mildred M. Savedge 

Mrs. Audrey Sawyer 

Mrs. Lucille A. Scarborough 

Mr. Gerald M. Schadegg 

M/M Ralph Schaeffer 

Patricia C. Schaffer 

M/M Ralph F. Schneider 

M/M Leslie N. Schorn 

Cpt/M Richard K. Schuff 

Mrs. Agnes P. Scott 

Mrs. M. R. Scott 

M/M W. L. Scott 

Mrs. J. Pollard Sealy, Jr. 

M/M Robert F. Selden 

M/M Jon B. Sellin 

Mrs. Robert W. Serr 

M/M Keith M. Seymour 

Miss Effie M. Shaw 

M/M Robert B. Shea 


Gladys M. Shearer 

M/M Joseph Shematek 

Miss Dorothy J. Shipman 

Mrs. Blanche B. Shortridge 

M/M Alfred W. Shriver 

BrigG/M Thomas N. Sibley 

Virginia L. Sievers 

M/M Jay F. Simpson 

M/M M. Lee Sisson 

M/M James C. Sivells 

Maj/M Richard L. Sloan 

M/M William S. Slusher 

Mrs. D. L. Smith 

Faye W. Smith 

M/M Lawrence R. Smith 

Mrs. Patricia T. Smith 

Paul W. Smith 

Sylvia S. Smith 

Mrs. William H. Smith 

Miss Sybble Smithwick 

M/M Robert C. Smoot, Jr. 

Mrs. Clyde A. Sorey 

Ercell D. Spangler 

Jean S. Spencer 

M/M Arnold N. Spicer 

Mrs. Robert S. Stafford 

Mr. Clyde M. Stallings 

M/M Louis Stark 

Mrs. Robert H. Starrett 

Rev/M Melvin L. Steadman, Jr 

Mrs. Mildred W. Stelzner 

LtC/M George 0. Stenzel,Jr. 

M/M Jerry Stickley 

M/M Gary L. Stockburger 

M/M H. Daniel Story 

Christine H. Strong 

Mrs. Nancy Studyvin-Warren 

Dr/M Joseph R. Suggs 

Mrs. Alice P. Sutton 

Mrs. Judith E. Svoboda 

Bettianne Sweeney 

M/M Doyle P. Swofford 

Leah W. Shearin 

M/M John Shinpaugh 

Mrs. Morris Shoop 

M/M Joseph A. Shortal 

M/M Otis L. Shumate 

M/M Gary L. Siegle 

Mrs. Katherine M. Simmons 

Joe T. Sims 

Mrs. Gerald W. Sitterle 

Mr. Richard W. Slatten 

Mrs. Gloria J. Slusarczky 

M/M James G. Small 

Mrs. E. M. Smith, Jr. 

Miss Kathryn Anne Smith 

Miss Nellie S. Smith 

M/M Paul S. Smith 

Story W. Smith 

Mrs. Walter P. Smith 

M/M William Howard Smith 

M/M Emery E. Smola 

Jonathan D. Snyder 

Russell B. Sorrells 

M/M John M. Speirs 

M/M Robert M. Spencer 

Mrs. John T. St. Clair 

Mrs. Susie P. Stallings 

M/M Ricky L. Stansifer 

Laura F. Starks 

Mrs. Gertrude E. Stead 

Mrs. Charlotte Y. Steger 

M/M A. M. Stenzel 

Louis E. Stewart 

Mrs. Sharon Stine 

Mrs. Doris Y. Stone 

Mrs. A. W. Stratton 

M/M Willis H.Stroud 

Jean Suddarth 

Mrs. Carolyn W. Sumner 

Mrs. Dorothy T. Sutton 

M/M Jacob Swall 

M/M Clinton R. Swift 

Roy M. Sylar 

LtGen. Orwin C. Talbott 
Dr. James W. Tankard 
M/M A. J. Tatum 
Mrs. Barbara E. Taylor 
M/M H. Taylor 
Simeon P. Taylor 
Maryrite G. Teachey 
M/M William D. Terrell 

Mrs. Priscilla Tamargo 
Mrs. Robert J. Tapscott 
Harrison E. Tawney 
Mrs. Frances S. Taylor 
Mrs. Lois Taylor 
William J. Taylor, Jr. 
M/M Dennie B. Templeman 
Mrs. Margaret Terry 


















M/M Roger V. Terry, Jr. 
Mrs. Gray K. Thomas 

Ruth M. 

Judy S. 

Lucy G. 

Anna C. 
Dr/M Leland B. Ticknor 
Franklin E. Tillery 
M/M Ralph H. Tipton 
M/M Jesse E. Todd 
Mrs. Robert G. Todd 

Martha P. Toole 

Joy C. Torgeson 

Jacob M. Touchstone 


Verna A. Trevison 
Ransom B. True 
Cpt/M Park Trullinger, 
M/M Sterling W. Tucker 
Mrs. Tyler Tugwell 
M/M William H, Turley 



Royal C. Thayer 

Lessie C. Thomas 

Col/M Horace E. Thompson 

Mrs. Lesba L. Thompson 

M/M V. R. Thompson 

Mr. C. William Thorndale 

M/M Dennis D. Tidwell 

Julian B. Timberlake, III 

Annis A. Tobias 

M/M Kenneth H. Todd 

M/M Maurice B. Tonkin 

Rev/M Leonard W. Topping 

Mrs. Joseph C. Toth 

Mrs. Doris R. Townsend 

Anne G. Trevarthen 

Stanley E. Trinkle 

M/M Mike Truitt 

M/M Frank 0. Truslow 

Col/M William P. Tuggle, Jr. 

M/M Willis C. Tull, Jr. 

Lt/M Jan E. Unter 

M/M James P . Underwood 

M/M Lionel L. Vanderburg 

LtC, John E. Van Sant 

M/M A. Vassos 

Col/M James H. Vaughan, Jr, 

M/M H.L. Vellines 

M/M Sidney L. Villere 

June L. Vining 

Sally Vinson 

M/M Leslie W. Visor 

Col/M Arthur H. Vollertsen 

Helen Vandermark 

M/M Gerald Van Tiem 

Mrs. Gordon L. Vaughan 

Jimmie W. Vause 

M/M Presley Vick, Jr. 

M/M Clyde E. Vincent 

M/M Braxton C. Vinson 

Miss Janis Viser 

M/M D. S. Vohringer, Sr. 

Mrs. Samuel E. Waddill 

Mrs. Jeanne Wait 

Ms. Frances N. Walker 

M/M Randall M. Walker, Jr, 

M/M James Wall 

David H. Wallace 

Mrs. Beverly A. Waller 

M/M William H. Walters 

Mrs. Betty B. Warren 

Mrs. J. R. Warren 

Irene Love 11 Wade 

Mrs. Barbara W. Walker 

M/M John H. Walker 

Mrs. Dorothy C. Wall 

Betty Wills Wallace 

M/M James I. Wallace 

Mary Sue Walsh 

Col/M Nathaniel P. Ward, III 

Mrs. Nancy K. Warren 

M/M William P. Warren, Jr. 


Mrs. Virginia M. Warren 

Ms. Carrie L. Washington 

Vincent Watkins 

M/M Oscar B. Watlington 

Hugh S. Watson, Jr. 

Raymond W. Watson 

M/M W. S. Watters 

Mrs. George L. Weddington. Jr. 

Daniel L. Weatbrook 

LtC/M Howard F. Wehrle, III 

James P. Welch 

Mrs. Milton J. Weller 

M/M Joseph D. West, IV 

Mrs. Helen Whelen 

Glenn L. Whitaker 

M/M C.Aubrey White 

Mrs. Mare White 

Mrs. Max White 

M/M Robert E. White 

Col. Stephen H. White 

Mrs. Vallie Jo Whitfield 

M/M Tazewell E. Whitley, Sr. 

Mrs. Laura Whitson 

Bruce Whitten 

Miss Kathleen C. Wicker 

M/M James E. Wigginton 

Mrs. Mary D. Wilber 

Philip M. Wilcox 

Col/M Richard F. Wilkinson 

M/M Jim Willett 

Mrs. Helen H. Willey 

M/M Burnie S. Willams 

Frederick C. Williams, Jr. 

Mrs. Harold Williams 

M/M Henry J. Williams, Jr. 

M/M Joseph S. Williams 

Mrs. Miriam B. Williams 

Mrs. Robert E. Williamson 

Abiatha D. Willis 

Rachel D. Wills 

M/M Ashby S. Wilson 

Clifford E. Wilson 

Miss Margaret Wilson 

Rebecca R. Wilson 

M/M George C. Windrow 

M/M Thomas J. Winsell 

Col. J. V. Witt 

M/M Ralph D. Witt 

M/M E. P. Womack, Jr. 

Raymond K. Womble 

M/M John H. Wood 

M/M Donald R. Warth 

Edwin B. Washington, Jr. 

Rev. Elton A. Watlington 

M/M Charles W. Watson, Jr. 

Kennie T. Watson 

M/M Robert Watson 

Mrs. Ralph L. Watts, Sr. 

Maj. Arnold E. Weand, Jr. 

M/M Robert B. Webb 

Gayle B. Weiss 

Mrs. Terry Welch 

M/M E. M. West 

LtC. John T. Whann 

Frank H. Wheless 

Mrs. Kirby R. Whitaker 

Mr. Maloin M. White 

Miss Mary Elizabeth White 

Mrs. Raymond White 

Robert E. and Marjorie White 

M/M Lawrence Whitehurst 

Miss Edith C. Whitley 

Dr/M William H. Whitmore, Jr 

Mrs. Mary L. Whitt 

M/M James B. Whitten 

Miss Betty L. Wiggins 

M/M Frank A. Wigner 

Nancy Wilcox 

Mrs. Azilee Wilkerson 

M/M David R. Willard 

Mrs. Eula W. Willey 

M/M A. A. Williams 

Mrs. Camilla D. Williams 

M/M G.Robert Williams 

Henry J. Williams 

M/M John G. Williams 

Miss Madeline Williams 

M/M Robert S. Williams 

W. Bland Williamson, Jr. 

M/M Thurston L. Willis 

M/M H.L. Wilshusen 

M/M Charles H. Wilson 

Donald L. Wilson 

Peter Wilson 

M/M Douglas L. Wilsted 

Mrs. William B. Wingo 

M/M John W. Wise 

Majorie A. Witt 

M/M Edna W. Wolle 

Mrs. Virginia Womacks 

M/M Charles H. Wood, III 

M/M M. Louis Wood, Jr. 


Frances P. Woodard 

Mrs. Mary Virginia Woodward 

Mrs. William S. Wornom, Sr. 

M/M Francis D. Wyatt 

Mrs. Clark A. Wyly 

Mrs. Patricia Woodard 
M/M George D. Wooley 
M/M Peter J. Wrike 
M/M William Wyatt 
Mrs. Frances H. Wynne 

M/M William E. Yielding, Sr 
M/M John David Yoder 
M/M John L. Young, Jr. 
M/M H.H. Youngblood 

Mrs. Kenneth Yinger 
Mrs. Hugh Parker Young 
M/M Mark Edwin Young, Sr 
Dr/M Carl V. Yutzy 

M/M Raymond L. Zavasky 
Robert R. Zins 
Mrs. Peggy W. Zugma 

Ms. Sarah E. Ziehman 
Mrs. Charles W. Zip 


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